Frequency of Hanging

Hey guys here is a question I asked Bib and the great info he supplied, hope someone else can benifit from it as well!!

>My question to you since I know you hung for extended periods of time is that should I maintain this soreness as far as keeping the microtears stressed so they will not heal in a retracted state and
be more diffucult to make gains. I can only relate to weight lifting and building muscle in letting the soreness heal. I think I’m asking this right.<

I think I understand the question. The tissues of the penis, related to gains, are not the same type of tissues that are involved in weight lifting. In PE, we are concerned with collagenous tissues, in weight lifting muscle. One thing that is about the same is that both types of tissue under stress do become stronger. But that is about as far as it goes.

The collagenous tissues do become slightly larger under stress as they are stretched, but that is not the mechanics of the gains. Ligs and the tunica become longer as they are stretched to allow the inner soft tissues to expand. This causes more length. Also, the tunica expands laterally under pressure to allow for more inner soft tissues. This causes more girth.

In order to get this expansion of collagenous tissues, some stress must be used that causes controlled damage of the tissues. The goal is to make them larger or rather longer, and not retract to their former lengths. With muscle, this is not the goal. The collagenous tissues react differently and heal differently than muscle tissues. the C tissues are tougher and also take longer to heal. The best way to accomplish the goals is to apply stresses on a regular basis that do not allow the collagenous tissues to heal completely, becoming stronger, and therefore harder to stress. Weakened tissues are easier to stress than completely healed tissues. It is that simple. The toughness of the C tissues requires this type of regimen.

I hope I hit the right points. If not, ask questions. Also, this would be a good thread on Thunders. If you wish, you can cut and paste this there for others to benefit.