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Frenchy's hanger


Hey hobby

I appreciate the response.the sch 40 get that flattened do I necesarily need a heat gun, or would boiling the pvc in water get it lose enough to clamp down flat-so it can harden flat. Also what material is that used in the hanger you showed me/on the inside-the padding? I’ve seen beads of silicone used in others-is that sufficient?

More info on that hanger here. If I had to make a hanger to replace my Bib I’d make one similar to Piet’s. I’d take Bib’s advice and use 3 layers of PVC on each side to make it rigid.

The ridges are tubing. Various sizes are sold by the foot in hardware stores. It comes in two flavors, plain clear stuff and the reinforced kind shown in the pics.

A heat gun would be wonderful for a project like this. I think someone said they are only $20 at Wal-Mart. Might check it out. Or maybe you can rent one from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

I softened mine in the oven. Not fun, but doable. I put the pipe halves on a cookie sheet and set bricks on top of them. When they started to sag, I pulled the whole thing out, set it on a concrete floor, put another brick on top, and stood on it. IIRC, I repeated the process a few times to make the pieces completely flat.

Hey hobby

Once again I appreciate the response.I feel in the near future, when I have the money I will get a BIB hanger.for one my girth is about 5 inches.should I go with the hanger or the starter when I do get one?I here the starter is better for 5in girth and under but the hanger is better for heavier weights.anyway.I’m looking at the piet alot, I think I will make one for the time being.I read in another thread I believe something you wrote about two problems with the piet.this is 1

1) The leading edge of the hanger that sets on or near the sides of the head was too narrow and sharp.

What should I do to work around this problem? Or is the PIET that the link you have given me takes me to is the latest piet which avoids this problem? What should I do to avoid these sharp edges—-which I believe are uncomfortable or put too much pressure on the head.or does the triple layering of pvc hose take away from the pain on the top of the head? Also do you know if this hanger is comfortable with weight over ten pounds? I started at 7 months now at 10 lbs gained a half inch or so but can’t go any higher in weight bc of comfort issues. I just don’t want to make another hanger that puts alot of pressure on the top of my head like most others have I said I plan on getting a BIB soon, but the piet looked pretty comfortable in some of the photos-in use

And one more thing.not to be stuck on the silicone thing.I’ve just heard it works pretty well for comfort.would putting a bead of silicone on the edges make it a little easier and more comfortbale on the head.

Many guys prefer the Starter. I’ve never used a full size Bib. My midshaft girth is a little under 5”, and I suspect the regular Bib wouldn’t adjust down small enough for me.

>The leading edge of the hanger that sets on or near the sides of the head was too narrow and sharp. What should I do to work around this problem?

Piet put tubing around the leading edge (shown here). Looks like a good solution.

> Also do you know if this hanger is comfortable with weight over ten pounds?

I never put in the ridges or did anything to fix the leading edge, so I don’t have any firsthand experience comparing it to a Bib. In my half-assed experiment of putting Bib hardware on pieces of flat PVC the problems were:

The sides weren’t rigid enough. This could be solved by using 2-3 layers on each side instead of only one.

The leading edge was narrow and uncomfortable. Again, 2-3 layers would make the sides (and edges) thicker. Or put tubing over it as Piet did.

Needed some ridges for gripping. Smooth plastic can’t grip the shaft very well. Piet solved this by bolting in strips of tubing.

With those issues resolved I don’t see why it wouldn’t be as comfortable as a production Bib. The Bibs have a cushy liner, but it isn’t necessary. The original Bib design didn’t have any padding. Bigger added it a the request of a beta tester. The liner isn’t very robust. Mine has torn again, and I’m about ready to rip it out. Dino removed his.

I’m back :)


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