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Force multiplied by time spent

Force multiplied by time spent

Hiya all,

With PE, I noticed (after a year) and after looking at the other threads about this forum, that the force applied x time is roughly a constant, over a short time period (say 4 days). This can only be easily applied to length gains and not to girth gains (except with a pump).
The force of the hang (for hanging this is simply the mass x 9.81) and for ADS this is the tension force. The time spent is simply the total time spent hanging/pumping/ADS’ing, etc.
Of course there are upper and lower force limits (too low; not sufficient to lengthen the unit, too high; ED or causes tunica toughening and not length gain) for the force. For the time spent; the lower limit is determined by an approximated linear scale; which is mostly based on the experience of past PE’ers (e.g. 10 minutes for the first week, 20 minutes for the second week, etc.) and the upper limit (for most PE’ers here) is the amount of time which is practical to do; to fit in with day-to-day life.
Now, assuming this relationship (Ft = constant) is correct, most PE’ers can simple increase the force whilst keeping the time constant. Over time the ‘constant’ (only a true constant over a short time period) will increase, as will the force applied. This can only be applied to pumps, hanging and ADS; as it is easy to measure the force applied. For other methods, e.g. clamping, all manual exercises; this is very tricky, although I am certain that there are ways.

Now my question is; are my findings correct with the past experience of you PE’ers, or is this not applicable?



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