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For those of you who do 20 minute sessions...

For those of you who do 20 minute sessions...

How many 20 minute sessions do you do in a day. I’m currently doing three because that was the amount recommended by Bib or whoever. But, I’m thinking of upping it. Any thoughts?

Why not slightly increase your weight instead?

Start/April 2011: BPEL - 6.75" / NBPEL - 6.00" / BEG - 5.125 / Mid Shaft - 4.75 / Glans 4.5"

Current/August 8 2011: BPEL 7.25" / NBPEL - 6.375" / BEG - 5.625" / Mid Shaft - 5.00" / Glans - 4.875"

Goals: NBPEL - 8.25" / Mid Shaft EG - 6.00"

I need a vac hanger for that. The one I have is not very comfortable at weights greater than 3 lbs.

I’m doing 2-4 but only been doing it 4 weeks.

It depends on how your day pans out. The minimum recommended is between 7 and 10 hours a week. I prefer a split of 2 sessions, each with 2*20min sets in the morning and at night. With warm up and break this equates to an hour at each end of the waking day. There are different theories on days on and off, I go with trying to hang every day, but I do a light day every now and again, and I will do more when convenient.

If the maximum your hanger can handle is 3lbs, then you will probably need a better hanger.

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