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For Sale! LG Hanger, Bib Starter, Vacu-Tech Pump & More.

For Sale! LG Hanger, Bib Starter, Vacu-Tech Pump & More.

*If all products sell I will make a donation to ThundersPlace in appreciation. I have been a member of ThundersPlace since 2002.

Priority will be given to offers for the entire package listed below! Yes, everything as I’d prefer not to piece this out. *See attached images too for additional reference. Everything has been thoroughly cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol. I literally took apart every piece and cleaned it. Items are “Like New” except for the Bib Hanger & Vacu-Tech Hand Pump which have wear. The LG Hanger ‘Penis’ Chamber Dome was customized for the following ‘erect’ measurements: Coronal Ridge: 5” / Upper Shaft: 4.75” - If you are near that you should be good. See video here for measuring instructions:

Also, you will notice a larger acrylic dome in the attached images. This is a Custom Vacuum Ball Stretcher by LG Hanger and is only available in one size. Very rare as they don’t sell these on their site and are by request only.

So, why am I selling? Because I keep falling back to manual exercises and that is simply what I prefer and respond best to. Everyone is different. I will send an instructional .pdf for the LG Hanger to the purchaser including links for additional support. The LG Hanger is endorsed by Dr. Howard II and is used in post surgery procedures by a few Doctors performing phalloplasty here in the US. All Payments must be via PayPal. I would prefer to only ship to the lower 48 US States but may be flexible otherwise if the offer is right. Please PM with offers and post any questions you may have here in the thread.

Thank You!

Total Original Purchase Value of all Items: ($1,257.00)
- All LG Hanger products were purchased in 2016
- All Vacu-Tech products where purchased in 2014
- Bib Starter was purchased in 2003

The Ultimate PE Package Includes the following:

1) LG Hanger ‘Penis’ Chamber Dome (1-7/16 dia) w/ Rubber Bands, Velcro Safety Strap, Metal Carabiner
(Purchase Value $265)

2) LG Hanger Custom Vacuum Ball Stretcher (2-3/8 diameter)
(Purchase Value: $250)

3) LG Hanger Advanced Cable Weight System (2-7/8” dia) 1 each of 10lb, 5lb, 3lb, 2lb
(Purchase Value $195)

4) LG Hanger Cable Weight Stand w/ 6’ Cable-Adjustable
(Purchase Value $135)

5) Vacu-Tech Flared Cylinder (2”x9”)
(Purchase Value $100)

6) The Original Bib Starter
(Purchase Price $95)

7) Deluxe Penis Pump XL by Vacutech w/ (2) 7 inch PVC hoses and male fitting attachments
(Purchase Price $80)

8) .875? & 1.125” Silicon Sleeves 8? Length
(Purchase Price $56)

9) Andover Coflex Self Adherent Elastic Wrap 3” Colorpack 18/box
(Purchase Price $47)

10) 44Sport Olympic Fractional Plates - Pair of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1lb Weights (8 Total)
(Purchase Value $34)

Attached Images
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(287.8 KB, 83 views)

I’ll give you $10 plus shipping for the weight plates

My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG

Fractional Weights sold to ‘longerstretch’.

This sale as ended as everything has been sold! As promised I will be making a small donation to Thunder’s Place for allowing me to sell on the forum.

Thank You!

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