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For Review and Sell: Male Hanger 1 & 2 and Bib Starter

For Review and Sell: Male Hanger 1 & 2 and Bib Starter

I’m selling all hangers at reduced price. If thats not allowed I understand. I mainly just wanted to leave my review to help the community. I started this thread over at MOS but it was closed, fishy fishy. I suspect because stillwantmore is buddies with DLD or maybe even a moderator. At any rate I decided to at least put my experiences out there for the rest of us and might even lead to improvements in the future.

I prefer the Bib Hardcore and I’m sticking with it. So I have no need for these other devices but think they could serve some use to members here. The bib starter has never been comfortable to me, I always get pinching either above or below and with the deeper well of the Hardcore its a better “fit” for me. Now I started hanging with vacuum hangers and had great success with those. The compression style hangers offered a different kind of stress than my penis was used to. So for sake of shock and awe and potential to go to higher weights and better use of fulcrums I began to invest time, money and energy to learning how. Note I still hang under 20 lbs and am at the moment trying to hang with both the LG and the Hardcore as both have pros and cons. This is a review of the hangers and the process I went through.

MaleHanger 1
Now the malehangers are cheaper than the Bib’s, but my choice would still be to go with a Bib over the malehangers. The first one is a copy of the Hardcore and I was able to get that one to work much better than the 2nd version. Oddly enough I had to wrap the way Bib suggested to get a better bundle and stop twisting. Also a little nuisance is the cord. It would get caught up on the bolts and constantly had to clear it before attaching weights, but wasn’t that big of a deal. I also found that the bottom teeth being flat and predominately larger surface on the left side promoted twisting in me, primarily to the right, but I do have an oval shaped penis and took allot of trial in error to get the Hardcore to work. I did experience an injury with the first malehanger as it twisted after weight was applied and lead to numbness, thank god for only a few months. This was years ago but it did effect my sex life at the time. Not trying to knock the first model just that was my experience and could have been user error as this was the first compression hanger I bought.

The bottom bolts are shorter and lack the nut that stops the wingnuts. This is really a non issue just pointing out the difference. The nut does make it smoother and is something that was added into the 2nd version. Also in both malehangers the washers for the top bolt are really thin and flimsy and sometimes hard to get to the end and seat properly. Again not that big of a deal just more of a nuissance. In the bibs there are two thick washers glued together so its easier to maneuver.

Bib Starter
After numbness went away and living situations changed I decided to give the starter a try since maybe it was because I needed padding. But I continued to suffer from skin irritation and trouble fitting with every kind of change to wrap and bottom nut setup I could think of. I then went to the hardcore and by that point it took very little time to get a comfortable way to wrap and bottom nut adjustments so I could hang comfortable. I have tested the difference now after more experience of the Hardcore against the 1st edition male hanger but again with my oval shaped penis and the way the bottom platform shifts to the right during tightening I still get some twisting though not terrible now as its 45 degrees or less to the right.

MaleHanger 2
The malehanger #2 attempts to improve upon the Hardcore by basically just becoming a vertical oval. I couldn’t get this sucker to work at all. Again my penis is an horizontal oval so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. It has no added channels or gripping surfaces. The front of the Hardcore (and all bibs and the malehanger 1) is wallowed out so if it slides down towards head the head will fit inside a little. I think this also allows a blood plug to form as it forces the pressure towards the head. The malehanger 2 is just a straight object. If it slides down towards head its going to definitely cut off blood flow at the most and at the least be uncomfortable. With the hardcore, starter and malehanger 1 I could attach the hangers anywhere on the shaft and as long as I formed good “shoulders” the hanger would stay there. But with the malehanger 2 even attaching at base lead to slippage to the head and almost immediate cutting off of circulation.

The next issue for me is the top bolt. Looking past the sliding and what I consider poor design as everything is just too flat and sharp, the top bolt is what will actually hold the penis in this contraption. I say that in a bad way. All the other hangers mentioned the top bolt blends in with the top teeth so the top bolt doesn’t actually exert any pressure on top of the shaft. It also seats in the hanger at an angle of about 15-20 degrees. In this one its almost a quarter inch below the top teeth. So after it slides down the shaft a little bit its the top bolt that digs into the top of the shaft, exerting extreme pressure, damaging skin and contributing to cutting off more circulation. Also not the top washer issue mentioned above.

I’m not saying its useless I’m only stating that its never worked for me.

All hangers are in like new condition. The starter only has a few months of use within the past 3 years. I’ve had all hangers for around 1-3 years, but again I prefer the Hardcore when using compression hangers. I will sell the hangers for the following price plus shipping. Will use paypal.

Bib Starter $40
Malehanger 1 $20
Malehanger 2 $5

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My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG

Very good prices too bad I have the starter

Start 30/06/2016 - BPEL 13cm MSEG 11,5cm

Now - BPEL 16,5cm MSEG 12cm BPFSL 17,5cm

Goal - BPEL 19cm MSEG 15cm BPFSL 20cm

Don’t know if your aware of the whole thing swm did over at mos but it was pretty fuck up and he probably did it here to in order to push his product. Now he’s back there and admittedly giving mos money. So you be the judge of they’re relationship. Ever notice how much hate bib gets over there? The wonderful shady world of PE. This is again why I’ll always stay true blue to Thundersplace. I will give Ben credit for one thing he does put up informational videos using his malehanger. It actually helped me figure out hanging.

I respect DLD and he had helped numerous men gain. He helped transform and shape PE as we know it and is a true innovator. I like MOS in that its very tolerant, sometimes too tolerant, of free speech and not heavily moderated. However, lately it seems all his routines are geared to help his now sponsors sell their products or to sell his products. Marlon, one of the makers of the LG hanger said he was approached by one of DLD’s 2nd in command and said they wanted to add the LG hanger to their line up but wanted 50% of the sales for the reference. I get it to keep a forum running it takes money but I feel its a step away from why DLD created the forum to begin with. The Power Assist is an invaluable tool though, I recommend everyone get that. But most people can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment or sink 5-10 hours a day into PE, nor is it necessary to gain. I see many start the SRT routine and make great initial gains, maybe new newbie gains and then they heavily condition their penis and stop gaining all together.

Regarding Stillwantmore shady practices, he basically copied the Bib Hardcore, he cheapened some of the parts and changed the bottom teeth but thats it. Bib was going to sue, and I believe thats why swm “improved” upon the first model and made the second one. He created fake accounts on every PE forum acting as a customer that bought the hanger, started using it and was making excellent gains. SWM and DLD have a good standing history and I think thats why DLD “forgave” him and allows his ass to stay on MOS. I respect him for the video’s, though his wrapping technique didn’t work for me and I ended up going back to what Bib recommended it helped me piece together the information, which I wish Bib or someone using a Bib would have done. But for someone who gave a few ideas to Bib when bib was coming out with his hanger: to use that as a rationalization to copy and then try to sell his hanger, taking advantage of copyright laws, creating false accounts to promote himself and attacking Bib: the very guy SWM stole from, speaks on his character.

This review isn’t meant to attack but rather provide my experiences on the hangers themselves. The Bib hardcore comes out on top for me. The Bib’s are of much better quality than the Male Hangers and the “improved” version of the Male Hanger doesn’t work at all for me.

My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG

I don’t know when things changed over there but I do know I started taking PE serious in 2015 as my join date says and everything there back then was geared toward selling products. It’s one of the main reasons I bought not one but TWO bathmates. They pushed it heavy there and I said to myself this must work it has too so many guys at mos are saying it does especially they’re founder. I get it takes money to run a forum but when does it become snake oil salesmans? I don’t doubt the things dld did for PE and God bless everyone deserves to make a buck. The thing that got me was not just how bad they or he or whoever pushes products but how quickly they bash on bib over the malehanger. If you like the bib you get talked down to by swm. He’ll say stupid shit like ” we’ll see you when that piece of junks breaks” or similar. Anyway I own a bib never tried the malehanger based completely off his shady selling techniques. I also think the bib is a great hanger but don’t have the time to hang two hours a day. I got a 1/8 in length using it for 8 weeks so it does work with time.

Bib Starter 40 Malehanger 1 20 Malehanger 2 5

I’m interested with the bib starter,, is it still available about 2 for price of 1--mo

Yeah.also interested —how about 2 for the price of 1—bib starter and male hanger 1-2 -$30.00 —money order.hmb.thx.



The starter has been sold to kaotic. Styx if you’re interested in MH 1&2 message me.

My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG


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