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First Time Hanging

First Time Hanging

I just tried hanging for the first time using Capt’s Wench at 2 1/2 lbs. Everything seems find. I noticed that my glands got a little cold immediately after putting the weight on. I read earlier that if the glands get blue/cold then to stop immediately.

I’m guessing it would be expected that your glands would get a little cold while hanging, right? How do you know when you should stop and when it’s normal?


Good question sm, I’ve been wondering the same thing since I probaly want to start hanging…

Originally Posted by sm

How do you know when you should stop and when it’s normal?

Other hangers can describe what to see and feel, but you’ll have to get a feel for it and experience things for yourself. Little blue & little cool is good, too blue & tool cold is bad. You’re starting light weight wise which is good, start easy time wise as well. After a set, you should be able to shake out, jelq lightly, or do whatever you prefer to get normal circulation restored as soon as possible. If it takes more than a minute or so for your dick return to its normal state, don’t increase time or weight until you work things out. Slow and easy at the beginning as you get the hang of wrapping and putting on of the hanger and you will have a successfull hanging career. :)

Spot on, tps.

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