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First Post

First Post

What’s going on folks? So I’ve been lurking on Thunders for months and been meaning to post for some time now. Here Goes!

I discovered PE in early 2007 and began stretching and jelqing (incorrectly) pretty much every day. I got the initial better flaccid hang and slightly better EQ but no real size increase. Found thunders earlier this year and decided to hang. I Started in February at about 6 1/4 el, 6 5/8 bpel, 4 7/8 eg. Hanging mostly SD and being fairly consistent only missing maybe 5 - 8 days a month. I got to 6 1/2 el, 7 1/8-1/4 bpel, on a good day 5’ eg up and down the shaft. And I’m still there! Over the last few months hanging OTS, SO, and OTL; Over the last few weeks I’ve been hanging with a fulcrum OTS, SO,SD and OTL without a fulcrum. I’m soooooo frustrated!! I finally know I’m hanging the way I need with the angles I need. I’ve seen length differences over the last month, SFL longer, longer EL while sitting, and I can get more length when I traction wrap (from 6 1/2 to 6 3/4). More jelqing seems to make my erect length look and feel longer. Makes me think I should stop hanging for awhile and do a little girth work. Or do no PE for a few months and see what happens. I’m just getting really frustrated and other aspects of my life are currently sucking balls as well!

Anyway, I love the site and am finally joining the community! I’ve read so many threads, some inspirational, some hilarious, some a little depressing! Looking forward to finally giving my two cents!

I moved your post over here to Hanger’s, Cheek. You may get more response here.

Glad you’re posting now and enjoying the community!



Mr Cheeks,

Have you been taking rest days? They sometimes are the missing key to progress. If jelqing gives you the effect of looking and feeling longer, it may be the way to go. As I’m sure you have learned from your studies here, it can add both length and girth.

Best of luck,


P.S. Throw away the frustration it’s one weight that really gets in the way.

Mr Cheeks,

I tried to add a line to the above post but haven’t learned the way to do that so will add another post.

If the jelqing and stretching that you began with were not close to the newbie routine, you may benefit from restarting your PE by taking a few days off and then beginning again with the newbie routine. There is much to be gained from that approach and your tissues may be able to take advantage of those gains if the hanging hasn’t gotten in the way.

Again, Best of Luck!


I have never really taken rest days but I would always miss a day or two of PE due to time constraints. I think I’m going to stop hanging for awhile and just jelq

Another tip, include a good warm up before and warm or cool down after your jelqing. With that you should be well on your way. Best of luck!

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