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First heavier soreness---- @ BIB and others

First heavier soreness---- @ BIB and others


i have been hanging for 14 days now, each day 2 hours without resting days.
Now i experience a feeling.
I will try to describe it and would like to hear from you if i should interrupt now or go on with my all-day-hanging.

The area around the base (the upper side of my penis nearest to the base and 0,5 cm from the base in direction to my navel….all in all a circle with a radius of 1,5 cm, middle of the circle is the upper side of the base) looks red now, before it was rosé.
I have a little bit of pain now all the time without pressing this area with my fingers.
If i press there is a medium pain.

The skin feels a bit chapped, i can feel this with my fingers.

If i hang i have to use a lower weight at the beginning but later i can use the 4 pounds.

So would u suggest me to stop or to go on?

Thanks in advance,



IMHO, you should stop now, for at least a week, without any kind of PE whatsoever! I’m not a veteran or anything like that, but I have a few months of hanging and 2 years of PEing so I probably know a little about PE induced soreness. In my knowledge and experience, you should never have permanet soreness (which you state when you say “I have a little bit of pain now all the time without pressing this area with my fingers”). The soreness should be felt during and a little after exercise, not all the time. My guess is that your dick is overworked big time, and if you want my advice you should stop to let it heal. Otherwise you’re counteracting the effects of the hanging sessions you did, because your dick doesn’t have time to rebuild, so it get’s destroyed over and over again.

This is my view on this, and others are very welcome to give other opinions, but I guess I’m not wrong in my assumptions.

Hope this helps!



Whatever happened about the progressive loss of penile sensation you complained about in this thread only a short time ago?

Anyone experiencing a permanent loss of penis-sensitiveness cause of hanging?

If you haven’t got the all clear from a urologist then stop all PE immediately and seek proffessional help. By continuing PE you may be seriously exacerbating your condition.

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