2 inches in 2 years. I haven’t hung non-stop for those two years. Although I have pretty much done PE for them, with only breaks to recover from minor injuries. Which I’ve always found very hard to do - to not PE in order to let things heal. But you must do it, allow plenty of time for healing. I would say for a good 75% of the two years I’ve hung - sometimes with light weights, sometimes with heavy. Heavy weights are tricky though. Very hard to keep a hanger on with heavy weights. At least home-made ones. And I rarely had the luxury to hang for hours at a time, morning and at night. Most of my hanging has been in short sets, for a short length of time (under an hour), and at the most, once a day. Often not even that. And I’ve always jelqed in combination with hanging. Although I’m cutting down on my jelqing now. And increasing my hanging time. Now I do a solid hour of actual hang time once a day. But I’ve only just started that. It is very hard for me to find that much time in my life. I think hanging actually gives more gains, and is primarily responsible for most of my gains, certainly most of my girth gains, which is pretty impressive at the base. I get many compliments about how thick I am now. Many.