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First day hanging, few questions

First day hanging, few questions

In the last 2 weeks, I made several hangers and tried with low weight (2 pounds), today I started my hanging session (2x15 minutes at 3 pounds) with home made vac hanger (film canister + medical glove).

1. When I tried with 2 pounds, my shaft became thinner, I believe it is normal due to the stretching. My first session today is also have thinner shaft, after my 1st session, I jelq for 5 minutes at very very low erection. When I did my second session, after 5 minutes, my shaft is getting thicker and veins are coming out, so I immediately stop the session. Is that normal? If not, what’s wrong?

2. During the hanging, I feel a stretch upto my stomach. Is that normal? If not, what’s wrong?

3. After the hanging, I feel a lig stretch upto my thigh (near the base). Is that normal? If not, what’s wrong?

I will stop hanging tomorrow, and wait for your answers and advice. TIA.

Meiya777,I will answer these questions to the best of my ability in the order they were asked.

1.It is normal for your penis to stretch and get thinner while hanger.The reason it was thicker and more veined after the second set was because you jelqed more blood into it.Nothing wrong with that.I do a light jelq between every hanging set.

2.The stretch you are feeling up to your stomach is primarily from the ligs on top of the penis being stretched during the hang.This is a desired effect,and also a required effect for length gains from lig stretch.I still have this after hanging for almost two years.It’s not very noticeable any more and doesn’t cause any discomfort.If it is uncomfortable for you,try dropping the weight a little or just shorten your sets until you become conditioned to the feeling.

3.depending on the angle you hand at,you will experience fatigue in different areas of your pubic region.I hang primarily straight out,and feel most fatigue at the top base of the penis.However if I hang at higher angles,the fatigue feeling will move down lower into the pubic region and can feel like it is stretching the thigh a is nothing to be concerned with.If any of these things cause you un-due pain or excessive discoloration ,stop immediately.Always monitor the color and temperature of your unit while hanging.if it goes numb or cold stop hanging immediately.

Thank you Chainz, your answers are great, I will start with 2 pounds for a week, and adding 0.5 pound every week, kind of newbie hanging routine.

Anyone that has experienced gains from hanging.

I am sorry to invade this thread,but I can’t post in the hangers forum yet, as I am new to this site, and I “can” reply to posts here. And when I post a hanger question in the newbie forum, they won’t post it for some reason.I don’t know why. I have been PEing for about 2+ months now, and have been doing the chat support on another site,mens-network. I decided to try hanging instead of the LSing, as that tires the arms out and you can encorporate other daily things while you are hanging.
Anyway, I have been hanging for about 1 1/2 weeks myself, and I felt similar stretching. Only, the stretching I felt I think was skin at first, and then ligs. I started out with 2 1/2 lbs, and am now at 5lbs.
I am doing three 15 minute sets with 5 lbs right now, and I can definitely feel the burn/stretch alot after about 5 minutes. It is tolerable, so I don’t feel as if I am injuring anything down there. I usually do about 30+minutes of jelqing before my hanging sets, so my dick is usually really tired out and flacid. In between hanging sets, I warm up my dick again with a warm/hot rice sock for 5 minutes to get the blood flowing down there again.

My question is, how long does it usually take, at lower weights, to start seeing length gains? I plan to stick it out for whatever the duration may take, I would just like to hear an estimated time frame-I know it’s different for everyone, but what’s the average? Thanks for any response here.

I’ll try again.

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