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Finished my first week!

Finished my first week!

I have finished 7 days in a row of hanging. I get a great stretch from hanging and I am looking forward to progressing with it.

My routine:

Rice sock for 5 minutes.

Jelq for 5 minutes.

Hang 7.5 pounds for 22 minutes.

Jelq for 5 minutes.

Hang 7.5 pounds for 22 minutes.

Jelq for 10-15 minutes.

Cool down with massage and then kegals.

I have done a fair amount of research and I believe this routine should be sufficient for my first month. I plan on doing 30 days in a row unless my penis calls for a rest. Until then I’m hanging away.

Like I said I believe my routine should do well for me but if any of you vets think I should change something or add something please let me know.

Thanks guys!

I think your routine looks fine, the only thing I would say is to make sure the jelqs are light. I find that when I try to add anything with much intensity (other than hanging sets or more hanging weight) to my hanging routine I always come close to injury. Perhaps its because I’ve been doing 6x to 7x hanging sets per day, but I can’t be sure. Hanging does create some really intense fatigue and I’m really happy with the pace at which hanging has given me both flaccid and erect gains.

You also might find this information helpful:

Hey Blink, thanks for the advice. By the way, that thread you started is very insightful and should be a necessary read for anyone who is starting hanging.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your goals.

I’m in the second half of my second week. :) Why did you start with 7.5 lbs?

Some people that are well-conditioned from previous PE experience can start with as much as 10lbs. Most people don’t need more than 5lbs starting out, but that’s not always the case. When I first started hanging I made gains with just 2.5lbs.

Don’t go over 20 mins for your dicks sake

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

Originally Posted by 17ml

Don’t go over 20 mins for your dicks sake

Blessed be vacuum hanging. :) No problems even at 35 minute mark. :D

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