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Finding a Hanging Device

Finding a Hanging Device

Please, I have been stretching and doing jelqs for a while now.but I see most gains come a lot from hanging. I do not want to build one. I just want a really easy one please someone link me to a place where I can buy a good hanger.instructions would also be nice. Thanks! Also how long do people usually where there hangers for?

Again I don’t want to build one.I can’t even change my car tire lol.

Hanging requires a lot of time and discipline, and a good deal of knowledge and care so that you don’t fuck your dick up with a major injury.

All of that knowledge is available in this hanging forum. Read, read, read, before engaging in hanging. If you read this forum enough you will find the links to where you can purchase hanging devices, and you will have the knowledge to use them properly.

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Originally Posted by gotthepic
I do not want to build one. Again I don’t want to build one.

Have you considered building one? (:

Way back when I looked at the how-to stuff and thought, “there is no way!” Then I found Tom’s swim cap tutorial.
- http://tom-hubbard.thundersplace.or…es.html#swimcap Hanging with a swim cap wrap was actually within my handy man limitations.

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AFB hanger is also a good choice.

Have you given this some thought? Hanging requires an investment of both time and in the case of most commercial hangers $ as well. What is your budget? Do you have the privacy necessary to hang for a few hours a day? Information like this will help the guys give you useful advise.

And yes, you should do hands on PE for 3-4 months. Grab those newbie gains that so many guys experience! That will give you plenty of time to read up on hanging as well.

Originally Posted by gotthepic
… hanging…instructions would also be nice…

Hanger’s Forum

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Monkeybar’s vac hanger is amazing. I highly recommend it

Originally Posted by pwpp
Monkeybar’s vac hanger is amazing. I highly recommend it

yeah but seems that the vac hanger is not available right now?

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The Bib Starter is probably your best bet long term. Vac hangers may be more comfortable to start off with, but they can only support so much weight and will not prepare your tissues for higher weights when you need them down the road. If you’re planning to do this for a very long time/gain more than 1”, I personally would recommend the Bib Starter.

The smartest thing you can do is ignore what I just said and use the search function.

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Thanks everyone for your help it’s nice to know theres people out there willing to help!

I’m looking for the BIB hanger, why is the site down? Cam anyone help a brother is working fine for me. It’s just the forum that is down.

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