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Final Push.

Final Push.

I am going to push for the final 1/4 I need for my length gains. Since my wife doesn’t want me doing pe. I have gone under ground. But it’s risky in its own right, so I am giving it 4-5 months and then ending my hanging routine. I use a captains wrench, and a latex tube for tension. I drive at least 45 mins each day so I get 2 sets in 5 days a weeks. I set a timer so I can stop after 20, and rest, then start a second set.. Currently I am only doing it one way daily. Since driving I while stretching is risky on many levels -

I am looking for advice on if it’s faster for gains to do 4 sets spread out 5 days a weeks for a shorter period, or 2 sets for the 4-5 months it may take for gains.

Stretching while driving. You are a fucking trooper dude. If you were here right now I’d shake your hand. That is some dedication.

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

Make a Donation Everybody's doing it.:cancer:

Wow respect.

Imagine how funny it would look when stopped bu police:o

I wish u luck. Quick question.

Why wife doesn’t want you to PE?

I brought up doing my penis workout with her last weekend. I was suck of trying to stealth hanging and jelqs. I said that as I got older I needed to legal and message my penis to keep it in top shape. I asked her if I could do it in bed as it would be easier. She wanted nothing to do with it. After 25 years of being married I wasn’t going to fight it. At 50 I doubt I’ll be fucking anyone else, and the reality is - I want a bigger dick so I dropped it.

Well I’m just 32. But when I hear someone saying…”I wont change anything cause I’m old” I love to ask So are you that old that you can lay down and wait for dead?

You can change! And you prove yourself by doing PE.

Maybe your wife doesn’t feel comfortable with you touching yourself?

Touching yourself close to her? She might think its rather kind of masturbation :p

Just trying to look from her point of view.

I think your right, she doesn’t want me playing with myself, because in her mind it’s masterbation, or at least fluffing, and ill probably want to do her. As you know those are false notions. Ok I always want to have sex with her

In my experience, you will need to dramatically increase the number of sets per week from the casual Sunday drives. You need 10 -15 sets over 5 days, and not short sets. You’re not doing much when you proceed on a less than part-time basis. But, this is just my experience.

Troll. Please take any posts by this member as potentially misleading and harmful.

I do 2-4 20min sets 5 days a week. @TerminalDrop. Maybe I am not reading your post correctly

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