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Few questions about hangingi and heating.

Few questions about hangingi and heating.

When i’m using my rice sock I heat it up in the microwave, but when I go to use it, I do not wrap it around my entire penis because the heat from the rice sock aill get on my balls. What I do instead is put it on top of the penis like someone would do with an icepack when applying to a bump or something. It heats basically the entire top half of my penis and the sides, I figure this is the most important part seeing as how thats where I feel the stretching.

Also, I began noticing stretch marks on my penis, im guessing this is a sign of gains and i’m wondering if anyone else sees these too. They look like regular stretch marks that someone would have, except on the penis.

I used to cover my balls with a bunched up t-shirt or something to keep them from roasting from the rice sock -at least until the rice had started to cool down a little.

I also get stretch marks -its inevitable that you will get some stretching of the skin when doing PE. I usually find though that the stretch marks are all but gone a few hours later -any that are still visible later are only obvious to me and serve only to motivate me :)

Hell, I don’t expect to get to my goals with a totally pristine looking dick (don’t want thrombosis lumps or nerve damage either though!).

Reminds me…must get a new microwave (last one self-destructed at xmas).

Current: 6.125 x 5

Goal: 7.5 x 6

Does anyone else sort of feel a pain/soreness in the left vain of their dick? When im stretching I can see the vein being pulled some because it sticks it through the skin when im stretching and i’m wondering if its safe to be stretching veins like this, it seems as though the vein is being stretched too… I can feel isolated soreness by it.


I always put the rice sock on the top also, along the lig area, and what guys call the septum, which is the toughest collagenous tissues.

I had stretch marks throughout my career, but then they disappeared after a while.

I also had veins get in the way from time to time. But the good thing about them is they stretch very easily. The only problem comes when you stretch them too quickly, they become thinner, and possibly become clogged.



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