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Female comment

Female comment

What brought me here originally wasn’t a size issue. (I’m checking in with 7.25 nbp x 5.5.) It was a comment made by a chick. She complained that I hit her cervix while nailing her on her back. Fine, but then says “It would be better if it curved up then it would miss my cervix” Hello!? It doesn’t, so keep that sh#*t to yourself. I didn’t tell her her twat looked like a roast beef sandwich. I thought it, but kept it to myself.

I never thought there was anything wrong with a straight cock.

Ever since that happened I’ve been reading posts here and the success stories promted me to buy a Bib Hanger. I’ve only had it for a week so I can’t report anything.

Is there anyone out there that started with similar measurements and say reached 8x6? If so in what time frame?


Hi Nick7

…and welcome. I´m not sure I got your motivation, it wasn´t size but you´re not here now to get your dick bent either, are you?

I´m pretty straight myself (in more ways than one) and it´s been popular so far. Don´t pay any attention to one chicks opinion, maybe she just tried to be funny.

I got my own bib-starter today btw.

Judging from your messaurements you should have a very good chance to reach your goal within reasonable time. I´m not authority on the subject but others have reported greater gains than that. Take a look at Size’s PE Data Site, link at bottom of page.


Don’t get me wrong, I want the size. I initially came here because of the curved thing. Once I saw what it was about here I want what everyone else wants.

But I did hear on more than one account that a curved up dick hits the G-spot with ease.

We all want the size huh ;)

But are you activly trying to get a bananadick from jelqing that way or anything?

You´re probably right about it hitting the g-spot more easy, but you can do it with a straight one to, from behind.

I personaly prefer a straight one, think it looks better. No offence to anyone else.

Do it on your knees...

and have her lean back a bit. I have a straight cock too and this seems to help if your goin’ for the G-thang. Sometimes it’s just best to play around with postions in these cases as it has seemed every women is a bit different in what’s good and what’s better for them. I wouldn’t get to hyped on trying to achieve an upward bend with PE. Some have claimed success, but most who try to correct a side bend have trouble. There are exceptions. Just be careful of the dorsal nerve and try to familiarize yourself with the general penis anatomy before undertaking any effort. I say this because trying to achieve an upward bend is likely to to put a bit more than usual stress on the top of your dick. Not the bend itself, but more the hand pressureof manual technique. The ventral side takes a stretch while the dorsal side takes a “cinch” pressure, mainly from the thumb (palm-up jelq) or the index finger (palm-down) jelq. If you were to bend or flaccid stretch in this direction, I would advise doing it around a rounded object or cylinder. Fillng a 20 ounce or larger plastic Pepsi bottle with warm water is one idea. This would at least have the potential effect of distributing pressue along the entire top of your penis rather than concentrating it in one small area above the nerve. This is not to imply V-stretches are dangerous in this direction, it is simply that your implied goals just might involve alot of bending/stretching in one upward direction. I am not saying this will actually work to your satisfation, but it might help to stave off the potential for injury. Good luck and do keep us informed. groa

I wouldn’t say I’m after a banana dick, but I’ll encourage an upward trend jelqing.

I asked myself a question. What’s better, a straight 8 or a curved 7? I think we all know the answer.

Thank you Rocco and groa



you wrote,

>Is there anyone out there that started with similar measurements and say reached 8x6? If so in what time frame?<

Generally speaking you should expect to gain .5 inches in length and .5 girth in aprox. 6 months or so with a moderate amount of effort.

checkout the progress report section of the forum for more info


Talk about incentive…

This means June 2007 my dick will be a foot long!!!

Angles, man, ANGLES

Prop her butt up on a pillow and make sure you aren’t going straight in. Instead, go in and aim your thrust like you’re trying to exit her belly button. This will cause your glans to ride the top (or front) part of her vaginal canal, running across the G-spot area, and if you’re long enough avoiding the cervix and going towards the rear of the canal. Give it a shot.

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