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Feeling the stretch


OK, I am starting hanging in about 3 weeks. Since you’re fairly new, what device and what schedule/routine, if you don’t mind?

Questios about hanging & lig pops

I am curious about how much weight that you guys are hanging. I progressed very rapidly to 15 lbs. It is only here that I have felt any stretch at all in the ligs. I heard someone mention using a heating pad. I use one covered with a damp washcloth. I have been hanging for 2 weeks now. What weight/time routines are you guys using? What is the cycle that LEDZEP mentioned? I wonder if using the continued moist heat during hanging will soften the ligs and stretch without the POPs. I’d appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Happy hangin


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Similiar to most guys on the board I never seem to have enough time, so in order to try and mix it up I will use heavier weights for a few days or a week then hang light for a couple of days. The theory is the greater resistance will create the mirco tears and the lighter weight will allow the healing process in the extended state.

As far as amount of weight while I personally feel it is important to keep increasing the weight, consider that an individual should fully absorb a specific weight plateau before advancing in order to maximize the results.

Subsequently, although you may feel capable of moving up in weight perhaps consider staying at a specific resistance for a month or at least a few weeks to fully maxmize the result at this resistance.

The angle of hanging should limit the weight as well, most guys can hang more weight straight down then BTC. Other hanging options include off the side(over the leg) and the imfamous over the shoulder.

Depending on your real world schedule consider a morning and evening session, once you get the feel of it consider 2 hours a day maybe 5/6 days a week again based on how you feel.

The goal for hanging is the work into a fatigued state and try and stay there by varying the resistance. Then allowing limited time for recovery before repeating the cycle.

As far as the heating issue goes it is generally understood that heat should allow the ligs to stretch however that in the cool down stage is the most effect temperature state for gain solidification. Conquequently, using heat is good prior to and going into your first set however allowing the ligs to cool down after this point while continuing to hang may be more effective.

Again, while this sounds right and has scientific backing it’s still just theory and my take is ,”if it works for you stick with it and while the experience of others should be factored in to the learning process don’t stop trying new approachs and ways of doing things”.

If I had to offer one piece of advice regarding hanging I would encourage a person to take it slow and understand that this is a process that takes time.

One more thing, as far as the lig pop issue this isn’t a common occurance ,I haven’t felt a lig pop in over a year and it’s a non issue really.

Good thoughts, LedZep. I really appreciated the bit about absorbing a weight plateau. Interesting phrasing.

I am planning on starting light, of course, and really emphasizing get the most out of my positioning and going for that stretch feeling. I want to maximize the results that each weight level offers. IMO much more effective in the longrun to get everything out of a certain weight with good technique. I am a hanging neophyte of course (haven’t even started!), but the theory sounds right to me.

The bit about the cooling down during hanging is something I guess I have to learn more about. I am especially concerned about cooling down and injury.


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