That was my greatest fear when I started P.E. too… I’d read so many horror stories of guys not being able to achieve erection after jelqing or having their penis explode or even shrink by inches. Naturally I was absolutely terrified, infact I almost stopped masturbating. But now, looking back it all seems silly. It’s been a year for me since I discovered P.E. and I have doubled my volume in that time, I’m amazed and I’m more happy about NOT having my previous size than I am about actually having the size I have now, if that makes sense. Still got a ways to go though… like most of us here.

2005 - BPEL 6.0"x MSEG 4.5" (BEG 4.75"/HEG 4.625")

2010 - BPEL 8.0"x MSEG 5.75" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 5.875")

Goal - BPEL 9.0"x MSEG 6.5" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 6.75")