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Fatigue ?

Fatigue ?

I’ve seen this term, “fatigue”, a number of times and can’t quite get an understanding of it. I tried looking it up on the internet and I mainly found engineering definitions which I’m not sure how to apply to one’s ligaments.

I would appreciate hearing y’alls definition.

I’ve been reading everything in this forum and if I’ve interpreted it correctly, if I can achieve “fatigue” at “X” pounds, then there is no need to hang with “>X” (greater than x) pounds.

So then, what is fatigue?

If you’re specifically looking for fatigue relating to ligaments and hanging, search Bib’s forum.

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Fatigue is a feeling in your unit and entire pubic region where you feel like you can no longer continue hanging at your current weight and you MUST drop down in weight in order to safely and comfortably continue hanging. It is believed this is where your gains come from because you are stretching your ligs beyond their limits.

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I would describe fatigue as a stretching feeling that is not quite painful, but can definitely be interpreted as borderline unpleasant. Its like the sore feeling you have in your muscles the next day after a hard workout. Anyway, you will figure it out if you keep at it.

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You have all the rights to be confused, Sleepy. ‘Fatigue’ as meant by hangers is due to Bib; unfortunately, Bib never really explained what this fatigue would feel like, other than ‘When you can’t hang anymore with that given weight’. Why? Why you can’t hang anymore? Pain? No. Your penis falls down? No. Gravity is reversed? What? No one knows.

Out of old school hangers, ‘fatigue’ is not used, or is meant in a completely different way - often described as a itching feelin or a light burning inside your penis. This is supposed to be a good sign, like the burning you feel when training your biceps; although there isn’t any direct proof that this burning is a sign of future penis gains.

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
if I can achieve “fatigue” at “X” pounds, then there is no need to hang with “>X” (greater than x) pounds.


Some guys make the mistake of thinking more weight is better. It isn’t. More weight is more dangerous.

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Hi sleepy278.

The word french ” fatigue” can to be translate in english with “tired”


For to be more exact.

The word ” fatigué ” can to be translated “tired”.

For the word ” fatigue ” can to be translated with tiredness or weariness or .

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