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How long does it take you to feel fatigue….first day? or has it taken you a while.

This isn’t a question, i’m just trying to see what the average is, a little synopsis of info. i’m working on, your participation is appreciated.

I don’t mean, oh I feel fatigue at the moment of hanging, I mean fatigue that you feel afterwards, possibly even into the next day.

Ok maybe that question is a little confusing, let me pose another related question…

How long after you feel fatigue do you see gains?


For me, it was within a couple of weeks. It is different for everyone.


Talian,you beat me to it. GreAT question. I was dissapointed toady that my ligs werent aching ,I just started “real hanging”9/12/03. I was beginning to think about hanging a car off my dick to generate fatigue. I am relieved to know it caould take some time for the soreness to set in. I hung as high as 13.5 lbs yesterday to get fatigue. I am still learning how to correctly use the Bib hanger.


cj0057, if I read correctly, it says you have gained just about 2in within 2 months…it this so?

Well,yes but I was in very poor penile health when I started PE.I think most of that was a better quality erection by increased blood flow through constant jelqing. Ive lost app.40 lbs since May too. When I started PE I couldn’t see a vein for shit,now they are prominent. The reason I think erection quality is because those”impressive “gains have stopped and now it is time for much harder work. I know these gains seem like a lie,but I don’t care.

In my opinion,if your in poor penile health,and you force an increased blood flow through regularly,anyone can “gain”rapidly. Well, now after educating myself and listening to others experiences on the forum,I am now just jelqing and hanging(new). These two approaches make the most sense to me. I wont go into the other methods I’ve tried. I like the ego boost after pumping,but it seems like Im “renting” a dick because it doesn’t stay. I will not knock anyones approach unless it is dangerous.

I am obsessive,compulsive,impatient and stubborn;I DO KNOW that I will get a bigger dick and I do it. Your mind is a valuable asset,if your mind sees results your eyes will soon follow. I hope this has answered your question,I am not a scientist and I don’t keep a journal of my routine. The only reason I keep time is when I am hanging(VERY IMPORTANT). I try to listen to myself which should be a goal.

Take care,Cj

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