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Extending One Day And Hanging The Next

Extending One Day And Hanging The Next

I was wondering if you could hang 2.5 pounds 2 sets of 20 min through out the day.The next day use the extender and then repeat ,taking 2 days off threw out the week.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I concur. I’ve also been thinking of adding hanging to my current routine using the extender. I was leaning towards hanging at the start of my day (perhaps 1 day on, 1 day off) but carrying on with my extender routine of 5-6 days per week with 4-6 hours per day, of which I’ve been loyal to for the past 3 months. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my bib and was looking for info on whether I should cease with the extender when undertaking hanging. Any thoughts from the vets?


I just reread hanging 101. On the fourth post scroll to the bottom. Apparently this is a big no no. Asked and answered.

I’ve read a bunch of posts, some say don’t ,some say that you can, but my personal opinion I think if your erection quality is good and your hanging low weight .Take it really slow.

I have worn 2 lbs hanging from dick with a VacExtender vacuum cap and a 2 lb fishing weight for up to eight hours a day and used an extender the same day without any negative impact.

In my opinion, two pounds is more an all day stretcher than a hanging device, as you mentioned, let you EQ be your guide.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Thanks for the info,did u gain from light hanging all day?What was your routine?

Originally Posted by b balls
I’ve read a bunch of posts, some say don’t ,some say that you can, but my personal opinion I think if your erection quality is good and your hanging low weight .Take it really slow.

That’s where my thinking is at right now. I think you’d get a great ADS, preserving that hanging workout. I’m going to give it the old college try, with light weight/ light stretch. Hanging will be new to me, but I’m very comfortable with my extender.

How long have you been doing PE and how long have you been using the extender? As long as you are well conditioned enough and start with low weight and build up slowly and pay attention to Your EQ you should be fine listen to Your dick you should be fine . I usually hang 4 to 9oz all day at work with a sock hanger all day then stretch then hang 3 sets of 20 min at 3pounds.

So far so good. I’ve been doing 3x20 minute hanging sessions at 2.5 lbs every day first thing in the a.m. Followed by using the extender as I can find the time. Usually 2x2 hours. All Pi’s are outstanding.

Sounds good keep doing what Your doing just keep a good check on your erection quality.The more sets you do it might change take it slow.The main thing is to keep your unit extended for as long as possible .I have a sleeve with 2 weighted caps, I sometimes use one all day a work , and two on the weekends one is 9 oz and one is 4 oz sometimes I combine them.Always use plenty of heat, rice sock or heating pad,last set no heat.Hope this helped ,let me how it goes.

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