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Hi I need your opinions, seeing as how you guys have so much combined experience. What kind of hangers did you guys start out with, and use. What kind of routine do you have , like fhow many days a week, for how long, and how much weight. How long have you been hanging, and how much have you gained. What specifics should i know before I start?

I would really like to get started, andd your input would be greatly appreciated.


I have been doing for about 5 months but I am pretty new to hanging (1 month). I am using the Bib Hanger (not the starter or his homemade version). I hang 5 times a week with 5 lbs (first two weeks at 2 1/2 lbs) for 3 sets at 20 min (started with 10 min the first week then 15 the following 2 weeks). For great advice see the following thread:

Hanging 101 + Sample Routine

Good luck,


I started hanging about five years ago with the grip,stopped and now I am back to it with “The Captains Wench”.

Ophiosaurus uses a solid routine with the exception of the time frame. You may want to hang for fifteen minutes at a time rather then twenty as you could be restricting blood to the penis and after twenty minutes with no blood ,tissue death starts occuring. To be safe keep it only fifteen minutes a set and one hour a day untill you get used to it. Never go above fifteen minutes without a break in my opinion.

Start off using the same weight Ophiosaurs does 2 1/2 lbs. When you get to 5lbs use that weight for awhile to see if any gains appear. If so stick with it for while until you hit a bump. At that point add another pound or two. When you get up to eight (and that should take some time) make sure to check in with the vets before going over. Whatever you do ,do not rush into going to heavy to soon. You need to slowly condition your penis first.


I didn’t know about that tissue death risk. You have convinced my to drop my time to 15 min sets. Thanks. Are there any threads on this topic? I guess I could use the search button.


Well I am no expert with hanging, however I have used the following devices in this order up untill the present day.

First was a penis gro from Racca. I think it is slimar to those tracman devices. Maybe I’m wrong. It has a rope and saddle that attaches behind the ridge on the glands and adjustable telescopic legs with a spring loaded leg on each side of the base plate.

I will never ever use a device like this again. It is so dangerous and I dont recommend it. However the guy at Raca did allow me to phone him abd ask questions over the phone. But if I were to go back and do it again I would not get the penis gro.

My second device was a vacu grip. When I took delievey of it I new I was onto something. I was only hanging SD then and doing a bit of swinging while hanging and was starting to get good pulling feelings in the base but later in the vacugrip adventure the whole grip would slim off my dick and twice I almost had 7 kg down onto my toes.

But what made the vacgrip no longer in favor with me was the stuff around wrapping and trying to get skin wrinkles out of my wrap. I’m sure other vacugrip users know what I’m talking about.

So now I am using the Bib hanger. I have a regular and a startor. The regular was too big for me. I just couldn’t get comfortable with it. and I was trying for like 5 to 6 months. So I now have a startor and let me say I have had comfort like never before. I think when I restart my hanging program I will be a good position to hang with comfort and knowledge that I have a good device.

My advice to you is if you are going to hang, then spend the money and buy the bib hanger from the beginning. ( I can’t recommend which one for you but if I knew then what I knew now about hanging I would of purchased both hangers first off.

I hope I may have given you some advice. I better just go back and check what your oringal question was.

Oh I not seen any gains yet but have stretched my skin slightly. My lack of work of late with the hanger is a disgrace but in the times when I can’t hang I have read and learnt heaps.


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