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Excuses for a Bib or other hanger?


S&M is acceptable now ? Dont think my mom would like that answer :p

How about small torch positioning device

Nudist Keyring
Just replace the hook with one of them clippy things, clip your keys on it and viola. With the added bonus that the more keys you have the longer your penis becomes. C’est fantastique!

Someone tell L Born!


lol ^^ the best answer so far

Just say it’s a device for hanging weights off your cock. Most likely they won’t believe you anyway. It’s like telling people you’re Spiderman or something. Reverse psychology, man.

But SS4 is Spiderman, and he hangs weights off his cock :confused:


Just say you found it when you moved in and you can’t figure out what the hell it is,but someone told you it is pipe brace used in the plumbing trade.

How about saying is a stretcher for water pipe insulation? Like the foam type you put around your pipes to keep the temperature even.

Tell them you have no idea, throw it in the dustbin and send them home immediatly, so that you can retrive your precious bib.. ;)


Thats a good one.



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