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Evaluate My Growth

Evaluate My Growth

I am currently hanging 25 pounds btc for about an hour a day, im moving up in time…

If I continue at this pace, yes I know you really can’t say, what would my gains be in about a year?

any estimates are appreciated, maybe tell me about your own growth in 6 month time, with what size weights…

I know we are all different, and have different strength ligs, but it just shows me the possibilities. Thanks.

how do you feel after your hour af hanging?

Ive hung in the 20-30 pound range in the last year without any gains, which sounds rediculous so I must be doing something wrong, like not using angles efficiently. If you do this and use heat with your hanging too and maybe even the dld blaster which seems to work well I think you could make good gains. People have gained well with less weight so like you say its hard to estimate.

The general trend seems to be good gains (like up to an inch) in the first few months and then the nasty plateau happens and the routine needs to be altered to see further gains.

Hope this helps

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