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Dumb Question About Hanging And Girth

Dumb Question About Hanging And Girth

I use a Bib Starter for my length training and I was just wondering if using a hanger will slow down or stop girth gains. My reasoning behind this thought is, since the hanger is clamped around the shaft and is pretty snug, I feel like it’s smushing my shaft down to a narrower circumference, and over time will slow down or even reverse gains in shaft girth. Like after you work girth and it’s all thick and “blown out”, you put on the hanger, and your shaft gets squished back down to what it was. All the short sets spent in the hanger add up, ya know.

Will all that combined time spent compressing your shaft within the hanger have any kind of negative effect on shaft thickness?

I haven’t noticed any of this actually happening for real, it’s just a thought that popped into my head just now. Think there’s any truth to it? I usually train length first anyway, so getting smushed in the hanger isn’t a big deal.

In a word…No.

okay, cool. I had a feeling that that kind of shrinkage isn’t possible. My imagination runs away with me sometimes.


Once I gained a bit of shaft girth from base to below the head from hanging. Slight, but permanent. Go figure.

I’ve gained girth from hanging as well.

I was 5.0” EG @ the base before hanging, now I’m 4.5” EG. Hanging for 4 months. I have started to jelq and Ulis again to get it back to 5.0”

I have never heard of an instance of losing girth from hanging. I think no one ever has. I remember BIB said that as well….Most gain base girth.


Please tell more.

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I never accurately measured base girth, but I think I am in the same boat as Whome.

I “seemed” to gain a little base girth when I first started hanging, but as soon as I realised any gains, the gains “seemed” to be from a reduced base girth and elongated length. When erect I definitely feel a widening of the CC about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch from my body although this may also be due to the fact I have gained overall girth lately by way of clamping.

As I said, I never paid that much attention to my base girth to be sure either way.

i gained .5 of girth in about 2 months of hanging. i don’t do any girth exercises. and that’s mid shaft. the base around the ligs looks even bigger but have not measured. base girth gains are common in hanging.

If you have jelqed for some time wouldn’t it be natural to lose base girth in the beginning, because making your penis longer and the penis gets “pulled out” from your body? The inner penis has not gained girth from jelqs, but will soon from the hanging?


Many guys believe that base girth gains are due to the fact that the inner penis has a greater girth then the external penis so as the internal is exposed, the base girth also increases.

I believe that there is a poll that tries to test that theory. I don’t know what it ended up looking like and if it was possible to make any generalisations from it.

For me at least, the theory does not apply.

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