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Doughnut from Hanging

Doughnut from Hanging

Guys, i have been hanging now for 5 days and i am up to a level where i can hang btc with very minimal skin stretch. the lig stretch i get is incredible expecially when i flex my abs. when i bought the hanger i used 5 lbs but i didn’t feel any lig stretch so now i use 10 lbs i have i used it without any problem so far execpt for today. this morning when i was using it the second set, when i took of all the wrap i noticed a dougnut arround the head. kinda like the same from jelqing just in a different area. is this normal?

It's normal

Hey there,

It’s said to be normal. I just get an erection after I’m done and squeez the area back down to redistribute the lymphatic fluids.




I got my first one two weeks ago,BTC, also. I’d gone up in weight substantially, from 15 to 18 lbs. Had done this several times. I was trying to get to the state of “fatigue” quickly then continue hanging at reduced weights. Well, I thought I was there. I felt really fatigued at end of first set. Reduced weight and second set, reduced again for third set. I stopped and unwrapped and lo and behold here was this horrible looking thing , all the way around my penis, just below the glans and about three quarters inch long. Well, I posted, just like you, and got answer that wasn’t serious. Just get erect and massage and light jelq. It went away after several days and I’ve resumed hanging,BTC at a slightly lower weight and I seem to have reached that state where I can hang, reduce weight a little, hang several set, repeating same process. Have high hopes that I will have some success to report.


thanks guys. surfer1, i was tempted to go up in weight to 15 lbs this morning, good thing i didn’t. my doughnut was way huge than any thing i had seen before especially at the bottom. scared the @@@@ out of me. i think tomorrow i will use only 7.5 lbs. thanks guys!!!

Are you guys taking the time to message your penis or at least monitor the effects on your penis in between sets. I never get a “donut” no matter how many sessions I hang. Maybe you aren’t wrapping properly before hanging. I first wrap with a strip of rubber that I cut off some rubber gloves. I wrap from the base all the way over the head of the penis. I do not stop before the glans. When I did that, the skin would bunch up around the glans. The rubber wrap, because of its texture, does not slip and allow for the bunching up of skin. Then I wrap with two more cotton wraps for added comfort and protection. I think the key for me is wrapping over the glans instead of stopping before the glans. Just my two cents.

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I like the way you wrap. i will try that next time. I remember that while i was hanging this morning, i almost got erect. I am thinking that that had something to do with it.

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