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Doesn't it make most sense to hangstretch Straight Out

Doesn't it make most sense to hangstretch Straight Out

Since are erections will point straight out when all lig gains are achieved, wouldn’t this be the best angle to hang at? I’ve been doing S.O. Hanging for an hour a day, and have yet to see any gains, but would like thoughts on this. My angle of erection isn’t much above straight out. I have been also contemplating hang at a slightly lower angle again; about 45 degrees downward, to put a little stress on the ligs.

Personally, I never liked SO because too many structures share the load in that position. I had best results with Bib’s “divide and conquer” approach. Focus on one area at a time.

I think everyone new to hanging should first focus on working down to BTC, then spend some time there. When gains from BTC piddle out, take some time off, then come back and spend all your hanging time on a different angle, such as OTS or fulcrum.


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