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Does the part of the penis under the bib get much of a stretch

Does the part of the penis under the bib get much of a stretch

Hello all.I use the reg. Bib for mostly tunica(I.e. SO hanging). I was wondering if just the part of the penis that you see, that is ,the part between the back of the bib to the pubic base only gets stretched or if the part “hidden” by the bib is also stretching the tunica. Kind of hard to reach under the bib to take a feel.Thanks! JD76

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The former, I think.

The hidden part gets stretched as well. The end of the CC’s acts as a stopper although some use their glans for this. The covered shaft just gives additional grip.

Some of the area under the hanger is under tension, my guess is at least half. The tighter the hanger is mounted, the less tension on the area under the hanger. Also the tunica fibers extend further back (several inches at least) than what you see behind the hanger.

I have often pondered the same thing and tried to mount the hanger closer to the glans. I have found (from reading Bib’s posts) that mounting the hanger very tight and further back improves the comfort and lessens the chance that my glans will become numb.

I think that having less fiber length under tension is of no consequence and can be considered part of the “divide and conquer” analogy.

Let’r rip! But hang carefully.

I’m sure the area outside of the bib gets stretched more, since when I use my autoextender it fatigues the top of the shaft much more than the area of the shaft ouside of the bib. Equally when I use the bib it’s the area outside of the bib that gets fatigued.

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Thanks very much for all your replies!

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