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Does hanging kill your EQ?


I find that my EQ will be weaker if I’m overall physically exhausted from gym work outs or too much cardio, but never from PE/Hanging.

Reduction in EQ wouldn’t be uncommon, but if it ‘kills’ your EQ, I bet you’re doing something wrong. I don’t hang very much of course, but I’ll say my erections are pretty good when hanging.


Originally Posted by a-unit
My morning wood is 110% but I am finding it difficult to achieve erections in the evenings.

I recently (a month ago) dropped porn cold turkey and will never go back, but I’m still failing my wife too often.

I think the withdrawal from pornogrsphy is a factor as all my reading suggests a month or six weeks before neurochemistry adjusts enough.

Any thoughts?

I think your body and penis are on a flatline. Gettin normaliced after quitting porn takes more than a month. Did with me, but trust me just keep at it and your EQ will come back. Go to yourbrainonporn dot com and learn more about flatline.

"Its not how good you can do, its how long you can do good"


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