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Does anyone hang with an A-Stretch?

Does anyone hang with an A-Stretch?

Im not sure if its a fulcrum or not, but today I used my wrist for the A-stretch while hanging. I used 8.8 lbs and I was feeling deep lig sensations that I have never felt before. As time went by, I could feel the ligs getting progressively tired. Has anyone had any results with this method?



Yeah thats a fulcrum stretch, but just a dead hang BTC would be better for the ligs, if that is the area you need to work. Save the fulcrums for when you need to hit the tunica.


SS4, thank you for the advice. Im just starting to be able to ue the dead BTC because of the skin stretching. In fact, I am just learning how to use the hanger like a pro, which as takes time.

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