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Does anybody's penis...

Does anybody's penis...

I had a random question to ask you guys…

After hanging, (which I have gained length from) my penis seems to shorten up. Unlike girth workouts, where my dick stays pumped for a while after, when hanging my penis usually pretty quickly will shrivle up.

Does anybody else experience this after hanging?

Whats that all about?

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

The way I see it.

An aggressive hanging session will traumatize your dick a bit. It will want to retreat back into the fat pad where it is safe and warm to lick its wounds, DON’T LET IT. When you remove your hanger, after your last set for the night, keep your hanging-wrap on until you go to bed.

Squeeze all the stale, deoxygenated blood from you glands and pump in fresh blood. It is real easy because the wrap gives you something to grip with some good traction and easily pumps you glands full of fresh oxygenated blood. Wear your wrap until you go to bed, remembering to keep queezing out the old blood and pumping fresh blood in ever fifteen or twenty minutes. Just before retiring for the night, remove the hanger’s wrap and massage dick vigorously. Then gently wrap in it back up in a loose traction wrap, (ACE bandage stretchy type) loose enough to easily piss, but tight enough to hold your foreskin, or extra (PE) skin at the tip end of your wrap, and sleep in it.

While in deep RIM sleep your dick goes through its most active repair process sending fresh blood in by way of nocturnal erections. Now your poor dick is all stretched out like one of those tribal women’s necks with all the rings around it, and like those loong necked women your dick is forced to heal in that extended position.

Well, this is the theory, the way I see it. It’s what I’m doing and I’m seeing gains again, but my dick is also stronger, tougher. Seems I can stay harder longer and do more damage to my GF. But I’m not a doctor, or a vet, so do this routine at your own risk. Sleeping while wrapped might very well be dangerous, even wrapped loosely. But I get up a lot in the night to piss and always keep a good feel for circulation. For me, I’m chancing it, because it is working for me. In fact I’m going to have to update my measurements in my signiture. However, for you, if you are a heavy sleeper, your dick might fall off.


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No Nukes

I would never recommend sleeping with anything on your penis. Ever.


Yes. I’m sure Bib is right, because you can’t really watch it. To me it feels safe and worth the risk to do this, but I can certainly see how one might roll over on the wrap causing a pressure point for more than twenty minutes bringing about tissue death. I would think the discomfort would wake you, but maybe not. Sometimes while hanging one can get numb and forget about time.

Another thing I do on days I’m too sore to wear the wrap is what I call a pillow Fowfer. Tuck your dick between your cheeks and wedge a pillow ( or GF’s buttock) between your legs to hold it there gently. In a warm bed you will be amazed how this will keep you from turtling up inside. May not be as effective as the wrap, but safer. Not recommended if you go to bed intoxicated.
I know I get a bit radical with this stuff, but it has become a vendetta. I’m obsessed.

Thanks Bib for your voice of reason


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Thanks for the advice Big Girtha and Bib.

I have actually slept with the ace before and was ok until one night i guess I wrapped it too tight and I had the most excruciating pain in my dick I ve ever felt. So I havnt done that in a while. But kepping it stretched out after hanging is a good idea, ill try it, thanks again.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Usually my unit will try to “hide” after a hanging session. I’ve been leaving the wrapping installed for 4+ hours after a session as a traction wrap. Seems to help.


Well, the same thing happens to me. However, why bother? I mean, I am pretty sure that Bib can confirm this, the fact that after a session the penis hides it does not mean at all that he will get shorter. It’s just a normal reaction. In my opinion, as long as you can gradually increase more wight as time goes on, you are fine and he is adapting/growing to the pulling force.
And why keep him wrapped? The little fella needs to breath after hanging, leave him free!!!


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