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Do you need days off while hanging?


I needed days off not just because of privacy but MENTALLY!!!! My God hanging is one the most boring forms of PE. I still prefer pumping over any other form of PE however many gain from hanging. You need to ask yourself first do I want to put in 3 hours a day hanging weights from my dick (assuming you take two off a week) it’s a commitment. I used hang five on weekends off and I wore an ADS mostly on the weekends. I may have gained 1/8 an inch in 8 weeks but that’s negotiable.

I’ve only taken a full “rest day” maybe twice since I started hanging in Dec, and I’m gaining. Even on my busiest days or days I’m just too tired to get my hour in a hang at least 1 set for 20minutes. No injuries or issues so far, just gains. BIB also recommended no days off or at least 1 light set for rest days.

September 1, 2016 - BPEL: 7.25in MSEG 4.75in EL: 5.5in FG 3.75in FL 3.5in

June 1, 2017 - BPEL: 8.375n MSEG 5.375in EL: 6.5in FG 5.0in FL 5.125in

PE Goal: BPEL: 9in MSEG: 6.5in EL: 8.0in FG 5.5in FL 6in


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