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Do you need days off while hanging?


I needed days off not just because of privacy but MENTALLY!!!! My God hanging is one the most boring forms of PE. I still prefer pumping over any other form of PE however many gain from hanging. You need to ask yourself first do I want to put in 3 hours a day hanging weights from my dick (assuming you take two off a week) it’s a commitment. I used hang five on weekends off and I wore an ADS mostly on the weekends. I may have gained 1/8 an inch in 8 weeks but that’s negotiable.

I’ve only taken a full “rest day” maybe twice since I started hanging in Dec, and I’m gaining. Even on my busiest days or days I’m just too tired to get my hour in a hang at least 1 set for 20minutes. No injuries or issues so far, just gains. BIB also recommended no days off or at least 1 light set for rest days.

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I find it is best not to take days off. I am just getting back into hanging and I gained about an inch two years ago. I just restarted my routine and have found that I need to take days off. My soft tissue cant handle the stress. I am working on reconditioning my skin and blood vessels. Anyway, back to the main point, when I did gain I was not taking days off. More time hanging (with proper technique) equals more gains.

Regarding some of the concerns that were mentioned about a decrease in EQ as an indication for a rest day. I decrease with that. I regularly had a decrease in EQ but still gained.

Moreover, my experience showed that jelqing at the end of a hanging session would fix a low EQ.

I usually have to take a day or two off now and again after raising the weight or number of sets. Things like skin pinching or pain in the stretched tissues can really start to add up to something worse when you ride things out. Even still, I’ll always do some jelquing, horses, vacs, or other type of girth stuff just to keep the tissues from healing up.

On my days off I work on girth. Helps to keep things stretched so it heals in a larger state.

Rest days should not be taken as a hanger so that you can pull out any adhesions from your prior day. Even if you have to go lighter and only hang a set or two, do it.

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