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DLD Blasters and Hanging



> When I am trying to hang and do DLD blasters I am finding that when I do the reverse Kegel I still get some “lift” on the weight. What I feel is that when I let go of the reverse kegal it feels like the weight drops a little. Is this normal? Does nayone else get this feeling? Maybe I am not doing th reverse kegel correctly.<

The few times I tried the blasters the same thing happened with me. I think I was contracting the abs with the push. It seemed like that was easier and gave a better push.



I’m not having that problem, when you blow out the kegel the abs should expand but after a few seconds you should feel and stretch. Try holding the reverse kegel up to 10-20 seconds if possible.


Thanks guys,

I will try to hold the reverse Kegel langer and see how it feels. I have been trying to concentrate on what it is like to push out my pee and I think I am doing the same damn thing while hanging, but it is hard to tell.

You hangers make me so proud! Bib, I am hanging for the first time tonight! Scared but excited. I gave up on the injury healing, I just accepted it. I am going to do blasters tonight using no weight and the bib I will use to stretch. Can’t wait.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I have been hanging and doing the DLD Blasters with great results. Like Ledzep, I really focus on the reverse kegels, doing them for about 15 seconds each in a set of 50. I am doing these while hanging my normal hanging weight (20-25 lbs.). I highly recommend these.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I hope you like using the Bib.



I hope you like using the Bib. Like you needed any help.


My first reaction is WOW…I’ll have a thorough report in a few days. I can see where Bib gets the 10.75”

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


I am really looking forward to your views on using the BIB Hanger in conjunction with your DLD Blasters. It has been called “fulcrum hanging” but I think the proper name is “BIB DLD Hanging”!!!

I just noticed this… I have to get a three letter nickname for myself if I want a really monster cock. It is clear to me that my long handle of “Hugeness” is really just my attempt to compensate for my meager manhood. If I was truly “hung” I wouldn’t need a long name. Maybe I could go by “Hugeness is Hung” and call myself “HIH”. LOL

Originally posted by seanjacobs
Hey Mike2002,

I pull up on the shaft (aprox 1inch) and hold it there, so that the top 2/3 of my penis (with bib attached) hangs down. I hold it up for the entire 10sets of kegel/rev kegel, then I change hands, and alternate to the other side of the penis.

Quick question….. what is that stretching when you do that? The tunica or ligs, etc? I started doing those and noticed that I definately feel the pull in my shaft and when I am done my unit feels more worn out. I attest that to the shaft taking the weight instead of the ligs (time for me to move up to a heavier weight when I switch back to BTC hanging).

I pull up on the shaft with 1 or 2 fingers and hold it there…. has anyone thought about moving the finger back and forth between your base and hanger to change the point at which the shaft is bending to possibly stretch different aspects of it?

Patiently waiting

I am excited to hear the latest update on DLD Blasters and hanging. Anyone?

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Originally posted by Hugeness
“BIB DLD Hanging”

I like that partnership!

As far as hanging for me the fucking rip on my upper shaft is back so I have to lay low again. I hope it heals better this time.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


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