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Discouraged with my hanging so far...

Discouraged with my hanging so far...

Hey all: I finally have come out of “lurker” status, and what drove me out is my relative sense of discouragement. I have been hanging now for two months and have not really seen much in the way of gains.

I started in September and for a month I used a swim-cap type arrangment to hang weights. I hung about seven pounds max this way. Then I got the Bib starter model about six weeks ago, and I’ve been hanging fairly regularly since. My routine is about four days a week, 3 sets of 20 minutes each, ten minute break in between, hanging 12 lbs. Sometimes I do the warm wrap, sometimes not (I’ve yet to be convinced of the utility of it).

I thought at first (in my swim cap first month) that I was seeing fast results, because I’d always THOUGHT I was about 6.5 erect (bonepressed), and was able, after one very intense session including some jelquing (which I don’t normally do) to just barely get to 7.25. But now I’m rarely able to get even there, and it certainly hasn’t been more than that, ever.

I do feel stretch in the ligaments when I hang (at least, I think I do — it’s that sorta achey feeling above my balls, right?), and I hang BTC without too much difficulty. Skin stretch was an issue at first in terms of discomfort, but I’m getting the hang of that.

Should I just keep plugging away at this? I realize you probably don’t have all the variables you’d need to give advice, but I’m looking for all the help I can get.



You did not provide the progression of the amount of weight hung, but I think your problem is not uncommon. You simply have not yet provided the stresses needed to break through the next set of limiting factors. Or, you are doing the needed stress, but have not broken through yet.

>I’d always THOUGHT I was about 6.5 erect (bonepressed), and was able, after one very intense session including some jelquing (which I don’t normally do) to just barely get to 7.25. But now I’m rarely able to get even there, and it certainly hasn’t been more than that, ever. <

If this is true, 3/4 inch in three months is really good. I avereaged less than 1/4 inch per month when I was hanging, and my gains were great. If you feel you have reached a plateau, then either increase the amount of stress (weight), or take a break for a week or two, then come back with an increased work load.

>I do feel stretch in the ligaments when I hang (at least, I think I do — it’s that sorta achey feeling above my balls, right?)<

The ligs are immediately above the top base of your penis. This is where you need to feel sore. An ache above your balls sounds more as if you are stressing the internal anchor points. This usually occurs more when you are hanging straight out.

Please give me your erect girth measurement, and the approximate progression of the amount of weight hung. IOW, first month, 5 lbs, second month, 7 lbs, 3rd month, 12 lbs.

Just to let you know, there are guys who have seen no gains whatsoever until they hung 15 to 20 lbs. I am not saying you are there yet, but remember, to continue gains, you must advance the stresses over time. Always attempt to hang your max weight (the weight at which you cannot hang more comfortably), and always strive to have the sore, worked out feeling after a session.

Any more info you can provide will really help.


hanging tough

Follow Bib’s advice to the letter.

I have been in a maintenance routine for the past couple months it seems. I didn’t intend that to be the case, but my work/family schedule have been terrible and my hanging has been greatly reduced and I have not moved up in weight at all. I try to look at it as cementing gains… LOL. Better than thinking I am just a lazy ass!!! LOL

You have to keep progressing the weight (safely) to make gains. When I was doing that I got my nice 1/4 inch with Bib’s hanger in my 2-3 month. Keep at it!!!

Gonna start cranking again in the new year.


hanging update

hanging is a trip and alot of work for sure it seems to me that if I’m just hanging with a little uli work, in order to get results it’s gotta be at least 1.5 hours aday minimum.For me right now, it’s 5-6 days a week.

Anything less than that and I’d me hanging for years. Right now it’s 2-3 sets of no less than 30 minutes. Which IMO isn’t sufficent but that’s all the time I have.

If you can’t hang all day or something like that try and get an AM and PM session in. As far as weight goes right now I’m hanging 17.5-22.5 pounds depending on my fatigue factor, time of set, etc.It took 3-4 months to work up to that weight.

Use a hot wrap going into the first set and then cool down for the remaining sets.

If I was a single guy, with some free time and privacy, my dick might be dragging on the ground but given the fact I’m married, with a tribe of rug rat’s, and a hot blooded wife ,it isn’t, but who knows maybe next year.

Any way I don’t know much and can’t answer alot of questions, but i am commited to hanging till March 30th then we’ll see. So far i’m up aprox. 1/2 inch in past 5 monthes and 3/8 since Oct. when I started using more weight and the bib.

Wrapping Hell

My new, improved four-handed wrapping technique:
Misery loves company: a reply to Gopher
“Nurse!.. Get in here and help me wrap this thang!”

Left hand: grasp the head, stretch penis away
Right hand: pull skin back
Third hand:
1. wrap from circ scar to base as tight is possible.
2. attach hanger loosely, 1/2 inch below top of the wrap.

Right hand (continued): pull back excess skin from under wrap.
Left hand (continued): grasp the head, stretch penis away.
Third hand: hold hanger symmetrically on penis.
Fourth hand: tighten nuts completely.

Theraband bunches up and wrinkles as you tighten.
Feel burning, stretched, pinched skin.
Start over; but wrap more tightly this time.
Repeat three times.
Mind: Go nuts completely

Stretch manually.

Been there...

so try this. I don’t like to post it much for fear folks might crunch their cock, but here ya go. Lay out wrap(s) and set hanger next to them with a small piece of tape on hanger (so you can find it). After hot wrap, get erection (porn always helps!) At full erection, flex cock to steady and pull skin back tight. Put on wrap at location of your choosing. I used Mueller underwrap (to prevent sticking) and then silver thera (15”) over it. Tape off theraband. You now have a tightly wrapped erection with the skin all the way pulled back. Let erection subside a bit and put it LOW in the hanger. Close very slowly as you are slowly “helping” your erection subside and the chambers are being nicely conformed to the hanger as blood leaves them. One minute or more is not out of the question…hell, your hanging for twenty so don’t rush the application. If you really need to, you can pinch the head (glans) and move blood out if it is excessive. I never like to pull the head outward while wrapped because it always seem to misposition it and the coronal ridge hurt while I hung. When adding weight, ease the hanger and weight down over the course of a minute with your hand as helper. This helps somewhat to let the hanger set naturally and also let you know if you need more tension before the full weight is taken. The erect wrapping technique is not for everyone, but I too have only two hands and never could get the flaccid wrap perfect. Starting while erect was the answer. Don’t hang while erect, let it subside in the wrap. Never really mattered if I spiraled or not, it works the same both ways. Like everything, this technique does take some practice, especially with regard to how tight to wrap thera in order to compensate for erection to flaccid transition. In a way, your going to be “starting over” if you try this way, but the learning curve is alot shorter in my experience. Be patient, be careful, good luck. groa


at the risk of making this too simple here we go.

wrapping stuff

(1) little baby powder

(2) 7x6 inch piece of white gym sock; exactly the neck portion althou I’m sure anything will work here.

(3) 10x6 inch piece of theraband

(4) one inch square piece of duct tape


step 1- place powder on side of sock/cloth that is in contact with skin

step 2- pull penis head with one hand and wrap with cloth with other

step 3- wrap theraband over cloth and place tape when done to hold in place

note: i like to use both hands and squeeze the whole wrap in place here.

step4- connect hanger using BOTH hands.

step 5- hang

guys I’m I missing something here?

A couple of thoughts, this isn’t a beauty contest; the objective of the wrap is to provide some comfort under the hanger. Who gives a shit if the wrap extents past the head or not. Or for that matter past the base either.

IMO using one piece of cloth and wrapping it around a couple/three times is easilier than trying to barber pole it. Same with theraband.

I alot of times I can’t see my penis head when the wrapping is done I really don’t thing this matters.

As far as the connection point if your fairly average 5-7 inches flacid stretch the hanger is going to be anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1.5 inches from the penis base.

Instead of using the head as a guide use the base; worst case senerio you’ll be an inch or so from the gland big deal.

One thing I’m not doing, that may help, is you could use a second piece of tape to hold the cloth before wrapping with the theraband.

Once you get the wrap on and the bib loosely in place,pull the head of your penis straight out while holding the bib. This with get rid of all the wrinkles and folds if there were any. You can even smooth out the entire wrap using both hands; remember it’s held in place with the tape.

One last thing - for me the pinch spot is on the top. What I do here is when the bib is still fairly loose I smooth the wrinkle out as I’m tightening the top nut.

Lastly you can use these “steps” as a guide but remember what your doing.

I think for a while I was so much thinking that it it had to be this way or that way then I realized what the objective was and it became simplier to do.

Now it takes me less than 2 minutes to wrap somtimes out of a deep sleep (don’t ask).

If you’ve got the time(1.5-2.0 hrs aday) to hang for results stick with it.

If you don’t do somthing else.

Wrapping Heaven

Great advice!
Worked first time, perfectly!

I just tightly wrapped an erection with Theraband. Plus I used a little powder. The wrap looked so perfect that I felt like taking a picture … and… I had enough hands to do it well. I guess the third hand is a hard on. No wrinkles, no overlapping. no pinching. I no longer feel like a spaz.

I hung 10 pounds comfortably for 30 minutes (that’s a first). There was no pulling on the skin and no pain, just deep ligament pull. It actually felt good! Plus now I associate hanging with a big ol hard on rather than pain.

Looks like I will be hanging around 2002!


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