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I am using a custom Bib hanger (with holes on the sides rather than in the middle, so that there are two sided being pulled by the weight). It’s not very comfortable, though, and I can only go 5 minutes (15 lbs) tops before I start worrying about hurting my glans. Any suggestions about how I can make it more comfortable, or any other hanger designs that can make it comfortable?

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

Try going to the main man himself. Here is the FAQ page of his web site and several questions down, a similar question to yours is discussed.

I’m guessing you mean a homemade Bib hanger, like this or this.

15 pounds is above the limit of that design. IMO, it’s decent for up to about 10 pounds, but not much more.

Build a better hanger or buy one. I like Piet’s general design and would make one similar if I were to find myself hangerless and wanting to hang. On the commercial side the Bibs are popular. Tps’ hanger/stretcher thing looks interesting too.

hobby, I didn’t think that about the weight limit, thanks a lot. I’ve gone to using a thick leather/cloth wrap with just the pipe clamp (and two pieces of wires tied to either side), it’s a lot more comfortable. Takes a bit to get it on, though (heh, especially because I get an erection when I start to tighten it down), and I like Piet’s design, too.

Only weight I have is a 15 pounder, and that’s basically what I started at. I won’t increase the weight, but I’ll will increase the hang time now that I have a better wrap, giving myself a two day break though. My dick is exhausted.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

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