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Discoloration from Vac-Hanger

Discoloration from Vac-Hanger

So I just got a Vac-Hanger today, and I liked it a lot. I wore it for a 20 minute session and I loved it. Since then every set I do, I end up with blotched discoloration in my glans. What’s worse is that it’s not like bib hanger discoloration where you can give it a few squeezes and it will go right away. It takes over 5 minutes sometimes for it all to go away. Anyone have any tips, I would be pissed if I couldn’t use it.

What color is the discoloration? Sometimes pumping will do that but I never pay attention to it.

Dark and blotchy. Monkeybar said it was normal though…

Never seen anything like it while regular pumping.

I stopped hanging using the vacuums a long time ago because of the patches and it has been over a year and they are still there on both sides of the opening.

Same here wayoflife99, I stopped using mine about up to a year ago from the discolouring around the tip of my glans Which as almost disappeared. Now whenever I stretch the tip of my glans seems more susceptible to discolouration, so I have to go alot easier on my stretching.

RandomGiant, At the beginning it used to go away with in 5mins with me also, but then it started to take longer and eventually stuck with me. Now after say 9+ months their is only a light brownish patch near the tip of the glans.

Sorry I don’t have any tips for stopping the discolouring. I did try wrapping and the restriction sleeve supplied with the hanger(which tore), But none of which seemed to help. I also was pissed with having to part with it as it was so damn comfortable but I think I did the right thing. Try checking out the review pages on it, it might have some good advice on it their.

I am not slagging the device off here, its just I have had bad experience with it as many others has had good experiences with it.

This happened to me: First, very intense discoloration, then little skin peeling, then the damn skin/tissue ripped off.

Yeah never got what you guys are describing from pumping. may be to much time or weight?

Oh shit, thanks for the replies guys. I’ll be on the lookout for sure. I’m sticking to 20 minute sets for now. I tried putting a small piece of a silicone sleeve over my glans, but the tip (that wasn’t covered) still got discolored. Maybe if I cover the tip also it will work? Might be something I’ll look into.

Thanks again everybody.

I use the head of the stretcher as an ADS at a lower tension for many hours at a time.

The discoloration does not become permanent in my experience.

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There’s a real difference between clamp discoloration and Vacuum discoloration

Clamp discoloration is from the lack of oxygen in the cells which can be replaced rather quickly if it hasn’t gone on to long (hence the 10 min. rule)

Vac hanging is really different. Here your getting a breakdown of the blood vessels and the discoloration is from the wrongful disbursement of blood. Once that blood is trapped it takes a very long time for it to go away.

Discoloration in the shaft skin from clamping is very much the same but for a different reason. When you clamp your cutting off the flow of oxygenated blood from the cells and this causes the blood cells to turn dark. If these blood cells become trapped in the dermal layer of the skin they are very much like a tattoo.

The difference between vac hanging as opposed to vac pumping is when hanging all the vacuum is concentrated on the glan and tip, where with vac pumping it gets spread out to more tissue area up and down the shaft.

Some guys get color blotches. Others get fluid blisters. I get blisters.

I guess the fluid blisters can be prevented but the color blotches can’t. I hate surprises when I take it off, so I quit vac usage.

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Hmm, just how common is this among vac users?

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Thanks a lot Monty, exactly what I wanted to know. I guess I wont be hanging much over 5 pounds with the vac-hanger, I’ll switch back to my bib when I’m ready. I got some pretty extreme color blotches today after hanging for 30-40 minutes.

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