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Discoloration and Peeling

Discoloration and Peeling

Yes I did a search, it seems peeling is only safe for the shaft, my discoloration is in the glans only.

I have been going for some pretty long ADS sessions, and my hanger is a little tight, but I don’t think that alone would cause such problems.

The turkey neck part right under the glans is swelling up really big, the glans is turning very red from the creases of my hanger, and is peeling. The very tip of my penis is so discolored it’s turned slightly purple. I peeled a little of the skin off and it’s only darker underneath.

It would probably be good to mention that I do jelq time to time for about 30-45 minutes using conditioner as lube. I don’t know if this would also help in irritating my skin.

I don’t know what to do, I’ve been gaining .25 of an inch per month keeping at this rate, but I’d rather have a smaller dick than a gross looking one. I would also like to know if a TheraP band would help me in my situation.

Did things start off with red specs/dots on your glans that gradually got darker and larger in number, are did the discoloration start more as generalized bruising or something?

Bruising I think

Ok I tried wrapping with a latex sleeve, with the entire head sticking out, for a few hours. It seemed to help keep the blood in the glans. I also applied some lotion twice yesterday and that seems to help the skin irritation.

But the turkey neck is still abnormally large, I don’t know what is wrong or what to do about it.

That isn’t what we call a turkey neck. TN is skin extending from the scrotum forward under the shaft. But I know what you’re talking about. The frenulum area in front of the wrap bloats with fluid.

If hanging, wrapping a little looser and farther back from the head usually prevents the majority of fluid buildup. If the wrap is too tight and close to the head, skin tends to get pinched between the edge of the wrap and the head. The pinched skin will build fluid.

For ADS, I never found a real good solution. You can wrap over the area, making sure it is completely covered. I mean completely, because if a little is left uncovered it will fill with fluid like a blister. Scared me once when that happened. The swollen skin was white like a blister. Good thing I didn’t let it go any longer.

If you end up with fluid there and want to get rid of it fairly quickly, wrapping the area snuggly for a few minutes works far better than jelqing.

Head discoloration is usually from high pressure. If hanging, use a hanger that can hold the blood in the CC ends. Attach with relatively little blood in the head. Tighten the hanger well, and several times. You want less blood in the head, with most of the load supported by the engorged CC’s.

An ADS pretty much has to pull from the head because you can’t clamp down on the shaft hard for long periods. You could reduce the amount of tension you’re using and/or use shorter sets.

The conditioner may be irritating your skin. Try something else.

Yes, the bulbous piece of skin under the head, that’s what I meant.

When I put my hanger on, I put the head as far into the head holder as I can, and there is plenty of pressure against the glans when I do this, so you are dead on. You’re suggesting I leave the head outside of the holder, with my entire penis only inside the latex?

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