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Discoloration and bruising from captain's wench

Discoloration and bruising from captain's wench

I am currently hanging 10 pounds, straight out by way of the captain’s wench. I have the weight hanging of a post so the force of the rope is pulling my penis straight out. I then position my body at different angles to hit the left and right sides of my penis.

My gains a phenomenal so far and I’m really loving my method. That being said sometimes skin gets pinched by the cable clap and I have a bruise on the underside of my penis. Also the tip of my penis sometimes turns dark purple. I try my best to control it, but this happens somewhat often. My EQ and penis health is perfectly fine, and I am gaining steadily. SHould I be worried?

I wrap my penis in dry baby wipes, then wrap the captians wench and secure it with two cable clamps. My sessions are usually 10-15 minutes and I do 1-3 sessions everyday.

You are trapping blood inside the CS putting too much pressure on it and the glans. An AFB hanger will avoid this problem.

I’m only 4.5 girth so I can no use the bib hanger, on the site it says I need to be atleast 5 inches girth. My length is just under 7 inches non bone pressed erect length

The AFB hanger is not the Bib’. It is a homemade device. Search for it.


I’m making great gains with the captains wench, and at this point i dont really want to switch devices. Could this bruising cause permenant damage? It is very dark but i have feeling and sensation in that area and my eq is great, regular morning erections, etc.

If you don’t want the advice then why ask?! Discoloration can become permanent if you expose yourself to it regularly. If you are hell bent on staying with the captains wrench fire goat rolls are a necessity at a minimum.

Any bruising is not a good sign. It’s your dick.

It is hard to understand what ‘a bruise on the underside of my penis’ is, it could be just a blood spot in the skin, it could be a damaged CS. A repeatedly damaged CS can cause a serious inujury, yes.

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