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Direction of hanging

Direction of hanging

Dear Bib !

I don ´t know , wether this question has been posted before :

would you recommend to hang in the first session straight forward , the next one over the leg to the right and the third over the leg to the left ?Or one day only straight , the next one only to the left and so on ? All this for the purpose that the fibers are stretched in all directions . What do you think about that ?

All the best wantmore


Hey Wantmore old pal,

From what I have read, the idea is to hang until fatigue in one direction, preferably BTC. By changing the direction so often, you are probably conditioning your ligs to the same failure point and possibly creating a future plateau that will be hard to overcome. If I am way off base, Bigger will straighten me out soon.

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I’d like to see more responses to this. Should newbies to hanging just stick to hanging straight down for a while? This should still produce gains, right?

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