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Difference in Lig pull and Tunica Pull

Difference in Lig pull and Tunica Pull

Hi all, still pretty new Hanging, I have a quick question. Can anyone describe the difference in “feelings” between the pull of lig stretching and tunica stretching? The type of hanging I am doing now is hanging straight down (standing up, letting weight dangle below and sometimes swing it slightly) and also BTC. I usually do 1 set of hanging straight down and then 2 sets of BTC, each for 20mins. I know that BTC is good for lig stretching and I do get fatigued so I feel that. What is hanging straight down good for? I usually get this nice stretching feeling that runs all the way up to my abdomen, now would that be ligs or the tunica? I heard that straight out hanging is good for the tunica, so would hanging straight down be the same concept, only standing up? So far from hanging for about 3 weeks, I’ve gained about .2” BPEL, and about .4” NBPEL if that makes sense. I’ve been doing manual exercises for about 5 months before hanging. I’m at 6.6” BPEL, 5.9NBPEL and girth is about 4.8”, little big larger at base. I want to increase girth so I have starting jelquing and doing squeezes after hanging. Thanks….

Hey coolguy!

The tunica is like a thin sheet of tough, fibrous muscle which encases the corpora cavernosa and lies just below the skin. The ligaments (suspensory and fundiform) attach to the pubic bone and the base of the penis. These are both limiting factors in our quest for growth and it appears that the strongest of these limiting factors are the ligaments - if those can be encouraged to grow it makes it easier.

Hanging straight down will stress both the ligaments and tunica, however not nearly as much as BTC. Hanging straight out will also stress both but probably has more effect on the tunica.

Feeling the stress way up in the abdomen is probably not a good thing. It may not necessarily be malevolent however, it does indicate that other parts of the body are taking some of the stress rather than it being concentrated in the penis alone …. which, after all, is where we want it! It may be that the skin is taking too much of the stress - you may need to tighten your hanger so that it grips the internal structures of the penis more firmly or place it a little further forward.

I’d also be a little wary of mixing girth and length exercises. Generally, the less girth you have, the easier it is to gain length. You can always go for girth later but, if you develop girth first you may find that it significantly impedes your ability to gain length. My advice would be to concentrate on one thing at a time - length first!

Hope this helps.

lil1 :lep:

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Hey Lil…I would have thought feeling the stress in the abdomen would be a good thing? I would have guessed this means you’re pulling out the ligs from your body?

I often felt the pull in my abs. Also, I would do lower ab crunches from time to time, pulling the weight up with my abs. Quite a workout.


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