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Difference between hanging behind head and base

Difference between hanging behind head and base

I notice that if I hang right where my base it stings a lot from skin stretching. But if I hang behind my head I feel more comfortable and my penis hangs more after the set rather than on the base. Which placement of the hangar gives the best result for you?

Hi ed!

Behind the head will probably be the best for most guys although some do prefer it mid shaft and others like to mix it all up and hang in different positions all the time. You are quite correct about hanging at the base being more efficient for skin stretches - perhaps this may be of benefit for our foreskin restorers!

Take it easy.

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Base hang for Lig stretch

If you’ve already got 8 inches or so, hanging from the base gives a much stronger lig stretch.

Bib advised me to do this to try to get me over my problem gaining, and I’m doing it right now.

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