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Did I spot a fellow PEer?


Did I spot a fellow PEer?

I play football (soccer type) on Saturday mornings. We are currently in the knock-out cup competition and called in a couple of new guys to boost the teams level.

After the match on Saturday, I checked out one of the new guy’s penis. Hold on, I’ll re-phrase that.

After the match on Saturday, I just inadvertently happened to glance unsuspectingly and very innocently towards the crotch of one of the new guys who was coming out of the shower. Perhaps about a 4.5” flaccid hang, uncut, even girth down the shaft (Are we becoming penis connoisseurs?). Then I noticed that he had discoloration just like I do in exactly the same place I do.

My first thought - this bastard is hanging SO too!!! But then I thought that perhaps it could be a darker circ scar, for example. Pretty dark scar though.


A PE tatoo would help.

Maybe you did run into another PE’er, but the chances are slim. I don’t think many men in this world practice PE. The guy was probably born with a dark circ scar.

You could always ask him the next time you see him…. “Have you ever heard of PE?”


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

>You could always ask him the next time you see him…. “Have you ever heard of PE?”<

Yeh, and if his eyes dont suddenly light up give it “yeah physical education, x college is doing extra classes” or some shit like that.


We need a secret handshake.


There is no replacement for displacement

Originally posted by bunbuster
We need a secret handshake.

Just make sure we wash our hands before greeting eachother!

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Or a weird tatoo like those cults…we could have something going like FightClub. Heck, maybe we can even fight like they do, but we can only use our penises…lol…ok, thats just gay =/

Umm, maybe he’s thinking the same about you too, eh Guiri?

“Jeez, look at that guy (Guiri). I’ll bet he’s been PE’ing!”

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Originally posted by dewey
A PE tatoo would help.

What do you mean would help? When Thunder told me to tattoo the Thunders logo on my dick he said you all had one already… Man, now I feel like a fool, and it hurts!

The art of conversation is not a martial art

I often wonder when I drive around my suburb and look at all these houses, someone must doing PE……I am sure most mean think about their cocks, just maybe not as much as us!!!

By the way Giuri, I cannot seem to hang SO, I tried more wrap, but the hanger bundles around my glands, I wold not even say it is a sliding up the hanger but it seems to move upwrads (????) and my dick points to the roof, not good.



I’m a little confused by what you say. >>The hanger bundles up around the glans. <<OK, I think I understand that.

>>It is not a sliding up the hanger..<< ? Do you mean the hanger doesn’t seem to slide towards the glans? (ie. it is not a sliding up OF the hanger)

>>but it seems to point upwards<< Do you mean the hanger twists and the glans points up towards the ceiling?

If this is the case, there are certain things you can try. If the hanger ‘bundles’ around the glans (remember that at a certain weight the hanger will come to rest against the sides of the glans, regardless of how tight you tighten it - at least that is my experience, although I insist that the tension is taken in most part by the penis shaft and not the glans), first try to place the hanger a little back towards the base. Place the penis in the hanger, then pull the SHAFT out some more, taking care to leave enough skin to avoid it pulling between hanger and base.

Second, Try more (loose) wrap and tighten the fucker even more. You will be surprised at just how much you can tighten the thing. Seriously, this solved the problem for me; took me a while, but finally got there.

As to tilt, try placing the penis in the hanger at different angles. (High in, low out etc, or vice versa). Also, twist the hanger to adjust the angle of the blue cord (the hook can also be moved to change horizontal angles). There is always SOME turning up of the head, but if you are hanging SO and the glans points straight up, more than likely it is position of penis in hanger that is causing it.

Hope that helps, even if only a little.


My guess is if he’s “uncut” then he wouldn’t have a “circ scar.” So, he’s probably a fellow PEer.


I am sorry for my clumsy description that was such a dumb ass description.

Here is what happens;

bib starter tightened at the base, heaps more wrap than BTC, through natural gravity, not actually moving or sliding up the glans (like when you hang BTC and hanger slips off), the force of the weight hanging off the chair propels the hanger toward my glands, the stretch is not intense so I feel I should add more weight.

>first try to place the hanger a little back towards the base. Place the penis in the hanger, then pull the SHAFT out some more, taking care to leave enough skin to avoid it pulling between hanger and base<

I think that seems fair, but the this tightness seems to produce a very purple head.

It is quite uncomfortable and looks wrong, I hope this helps my explanation.


A purple head is par for the course, indicating blood trapped or pushed into the glans - the bad signs are a blue head which means lack of blood flow and the glans goes cold - this is to be avoided.

If it is uncomfortable, it is wrong.

Please try to describe the felling when the hanger goes forwards. Where exactly does it feel uncomfortable? on the ridge of the glans? Do you feel the hanger gripping the inner penis? In my case I have to tighten very much to get this feeling, as although I’m cut I seem to have quite loose skin (in large due to PE).

If you have the sense of the ‘hanger falling off’ BTC, it sounds like the hanger isn’t gripping the inner penis. What weight are you currently using?


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