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Did anyone skip the newbie routine and just hang?

Did anyone skip the newbie routine and just hang?

Just wondering if anyone decided to just go with hanging instead of a newbie routine? If so, why?

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Started right in hanging 3 or so lbs an hour a day.

I had been doing a fake version of the newbie routine.. on my own before I learned about PE and it seemed natural. I probably got moderate gains with it.

Also - I needed length desperately.


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I am jumping straight in. 5 lbs for 30 minutes Mon,wed,Fri. Been jelqing and doing my own various types of stretches for over a month now 5 days a week. So far so good, but only done 2 hanging sessions.

I’ve been PEing for 3 weeks now, started out hanging for 1 week with a homemade hanger and light weights for a couple hours, then I changed things up by using an ADS FOR 6-8 hrs a day and then I hang for 30 mins. To 1 hr. With about 2 1/2 pounds. I’ve seen a gain of 1/8 of an inch in length already. I believe you get better gains hanging and stretching lightly for hours then hanging heavy weights for a short time, this is just my theory. Ill stick with this for 2 months and see how it goes.

One guy in particular comes to mind. Search for posts by lil12big1. He started with hanging because he had been contemplating PE surgery, yet he knew hanging was part of the post-surgery regimen. Why not skip the knife?

Back then there wasn’t any semi-official, basic manual “Newbie Routine.”

I don’t recommend it. The Newbie Routine is a beginner’s routine for those who’ve never PE’d before, and to just jump into hanging is a risk. Hanging, after years of experience with other hand-oriented PE exercises, is a risk. One of the purposes of the Newbie Routine is to get yourself accommodated with the thought of stressing your penis to make it bigger, by actually doing it without hurting yourself, if done properly. It’s a better way to get newbie gains, as well. It’s like stacking a bunch of weights on a bench press before you’ve even seen a bench, by gunning straight for the hanger. My advice is to start with the Newbie Routine.

I mostly agree with shyster. Newbies should spend at least the first few months literally getting in touch by manually stretching and jelqing. Hang later.

I started hanging with a home made Wench about 3 weeks into PE. Started slow 3-5 lbs for 10 minute sets. I combined it with a free form Newbie routine.


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