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Designing / Engineering a Vac Hanger. Input appreciated.

Designing / Engineering a Vac Hanger. Input appreciated.

Hi Everyone.

I have been using various vac hangers, from many manufacturers, and would like input on making my own. The main issue I have come across, at least for me is the vacuum hanger doesnt attatch to enough of the shaft. The one I use currently(MB), attatches to more of the tip/glans. I would like to make one that is a bit longer, and im hoping this will make it so I can increase weight as well.


1. Do you think a perfectly formed “cup” that is cast to the shape of one’s penis would be optimal? The other idea, would be to cast the shape of ones penis, and than allow 1/8” to 1/4” expansion in all areas.

2. How would one reduce, the “extruding” effect that happens on the urethra opening? Each time im done with a vac-hang session, my opening is swelled outward.

3. I have read that making the “cup” larger in volume would reduce the vacuum needed in the “cup” to hold weight. This is a fact, I read in a science book. The Larger the volume, the less vacuum applied, so wouldnt it make sense to make a large “cup”? If so, this would directly go against, a “custom fitted cup”.

I will leave it at that, so I dont lose people, and than perhaps we can expand after I get some feedback.


One of the great things about MB’s vac hanger is that it’s limited grip of the shaft reduces the amount of stretching force applied on the skin. By creating a larger cup which would take a hold of a large portion of the shaft there will be a lot more skin stretching going on. This is an issue that you will need to think of.

The grip of the glans that MB’s hanger provides places a lot of the hanging force onto the internal structures.

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