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Derp's Growth Log

Derp's Growth Log

Hey Guys,
I’m brand new to the forum and have been a lurker for a number of years.
Just wondering if some of the more experienced guys could tell me what they think of the basics of my routine.

Essentially I am doing a standard 20 minute x3 hanging routine, followed by 10-20 minutes of low pressure pumping, all supplemented with a light ADS for a few hours.

Can I expect to see results with this routine alone? I was hoping to be able to say away from all of the manual stretching and jelqing routines as they have not produced for me in the past.

Thanks guys!


I’ve just started my hanging routine and I haven’t actually felt any stress in the shaft itself. I’m only feeling stress right where my ligs connect to my pubic bone. Is this to be expected and what type of soreness/pain should I feeling? Is a dull ache throughout the day acceptable or am I pushing too hard?

What kind of hanger and how much weight are you using? I suppose you have done a manual routine for some time before jumping on hanging.

Yeah I have.

I made a version of the captain’s hanger and I started out with roughly 5 pounds. I guess my question would be what types of general soreness should I be expecting?
I know the ligs are located right at the base of the penis at the pubic bone at the top, so I’m fairly sure that’s what it sore. I’m just slightly concerned I may be overdoing it due to the soreness I am feeling.

If I am feeling fairly sore, should I not hang tonight?

Thanks for all the help guys.

Any soreness in the ligs or connective tissue should be mostly gone by the next day. Doesn’t have to be entirely gone, but it should feel mostly gone. If the area is still tender/sensitive, after a day it’s probably too much. If you don’t feel any soreness, you’re doing too little. You gotta find the sweet spot between those. A feeling of a dull ache is OK. A feeling of sharp pain is not OK. Different people experience pain differently, so just use your best judgment. Start at a low weight, increase time and weight gradually, and listen to your dick when it tells you it’s time for a break.

It’s normal to have soreness in the skin for several weeks when starting out. The skin stretch feels like a burning sensation. If you ever had the skin of your arm twisted when playing as a child, that’s the same feeling. You don’t need to stop for this unless you find it bothers you too much, or you think your skin is going to crack or peel from it. The skin will adjust after a few weeks.

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