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Deglitching the BIB Starter, a Personal Discovery

Originally Posted by Merlin

Yes, you are right about the gains, I surprised myself! I started at 7.5 lbs, and after 4-5 months have worked up to 18.75 lbs, my current range would be 13.75 to 18.75 depending of the fatigue/soreness factor. The de-gelled BIB starter so far is fine, I do have the regular BIB. What other hangers did you have in mind? The BIB is the primary factor in the gains, my angles are BTC, SD, SO to the right and to the left- these seem to hit the ligs and the musculature, etc. coprehensively (divide and conquer).

I was thinking in particular of MonkeyBar’s vacuum hanger. I’ve found ways to wrap with the vacuum hanger that has enabled me to hang over 15# for literally hours at a time with no blisters. I’m almost certain I could make it to 20# without problems.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

modesto- I am looking at the vac extender and the vac hanger by monkey bar. what have you used of his? and what do you like about it?

>>Is there a big difference? Just looks like the padding has gone.
Bib redesigned it, mostly in response to one guy’s request, he had certain physiological problems which precluded his use of the padded Bibs.

Bib said when he was hanging, he never used a hanger with padding when he was hanging for gains. But the testers of the first production Bibs asked for it. This new hanger has no padding, and is more narrow than a standard Bib. I’ve never used a Bib Starter, so cannot compare.

To quote Bib, “This (new) hanger grasps the internal structures like a mother.”
I can attest to that, have a care when tightening this new one down.

>>Anyone used both, if so what are the improvements in the new one?
I use an orig Bib Standard, have for a couple years, and this new one was quite different.

For me, the orig one was better. Not just padding wise, as the gel in my orig Bib has gotten pretty well shot. I just could not hang as comfortably (a relative statement, as hanging 15+ lbs from your dick is never really comfortable) and no where near as heavy. It prob was a wrapping thing, as I could just not get a good comfortable wrap with the new one.

Makes me want to pull that new one out again and give it another shot. I figured it was just something I was not doing properly, as I think I’m the only one that preferred the old Bib over the new one. I think I’ll try it again tonight.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Reiterate Size Gains.

A followup observation: remeasured and the measurements again came out to 8” EBP. I again encourage you to review the multiple parameters on the first thread as they have insight regarding injury prevention and focused optimal growth dynamics. All of this presupposes a good working knowledge of the BIB hanger, as these are the nuances.

- Remove the inner gel from the BIB, it tends to have negative implications at least for me, per circulation.

- Cut a strip of medium theraband no less than 2” X 16” (instead of 1.25” X 16” I previously used- not wide enough of the BIB hanger), Additionally use 2” adhesive ace wrap cutting it into a strip of 2” X 6-7” resulting in double wrap. Increasing the width of the theraband and double wrapping with ace I reasoned created a more stable “platform” to attach the BIB reducing the probability of crimping induced negative circulatory/nerve implications.

- Use a heat lamp, which has more of a hot tub effect in that the qualitative effects of the heat at least to me seemed far superior that fooling with a heating pad, rice sock, etc which is a hassle, The heat lamp warmth is much more dispersed – again the entire groin area is gently warmed up analogous to sitting in a hot tub- v. optimal! This is hands free heating, just turn the lamp on, position it a safe distance, and you warmed up in 5 minutes and ready to go. I keep it on the entire time, this can be a personal choice.

- Prevent twisting in a SD or BTC position by use of a bungee cord appropriately positioned on the hanger and draped over left leg ( a photo of this would be helpful).

- I take many nutritional supplements including, Miraforte (Life Extension Foundation product), niacin, argentine, glutamine, Vitamin C.L- ARG,
L-GLU,and Niacin stimulate secretion of GH, as does aerobic exercise. Also vasodilation is produced by niacin and ARG.

- For older students of PE, a chemical component can be considered (see Patent Pending Chemical PE thread of induction of PE by chemical means per erection enhances such as Viagra, etc.) which should be done under the counsel of your physician and used in smallest effective dose.

- Creative visualization an often untapped dynamic (discussed later).

Again, I have not had any injuries in four-five months with the BIB starter using the above. I have definitely gained momentum and size (¾” up to 8” since last summer). Continued gains appear promising/open ended at this point. As time and efforts manifest themselves, I look forward to sharing my insights to this group- it is a collaborative effort and we are here to help and encourage one another. I have said (sing a baseball analogy) that I am not restricted to nine inning games, but play until success is achieved. Don’t give up!


The Alchemy of PE

Originally Posted by Merlin

I would say yes to your question, additionally the EROSET Oil/ jelque combination will “anabolically” effect all aspects of the penis: i.e. improve circulation, neurology, and stamina, it may have even helped prepair my unit for the rigors of the BIB hanger.


Sounds pretty good, I’ll have to give it a try.

“Anyone used both, if so what are the improvements in the new one?”

I have the old starter with gel gone, and a new Hardcore starter. The hardcore is never going to pinch at the teeth, top or bottom, that is the improvement I appreciate.

After I took the gel off the old one, I filled the gel attachment holes with epoxy.

I filed out the wells. I rounded off anything like a sharp corner. I personally need the top well to be big or the dorsal area is pinched and hurt.

At that point the old starter was comfortable except for pinching by the top teeth. I fixed that by inserting a 1”x2-1/4” rectangle of Springbak insole under top teeth. Fooling with that rectangle is a small price to pay, but I wanted to see if the hardcore would work without that step, and it does.

For wrap, I use a doubled(two thicknesses) Goody seamless headband with about six thicknesses of roll at the front. This roll fits into the old starter’s gel inset space around the front and locks in place there.

The new, Hardcore starter just pushes the roll out of the way. I’ll file or melt a groove up front like the old starter has, where the gel on the old starter has been removed. I filed out the wells bigger on the hardcore, too. The hardcore is never going to pinch on top or bottom teeth, that’s the good thing about it. There is a painful spot on the front thumb on one side which I’ll have to file out once I pinpoint the spot. I’ll have to file the top teeth down a bit, and file in the notches between top teeth deeper, because the hardcore hanger is not tightening enough in the main clamping area—top teeth prevent further tightening. I heard this from realmcdeal, also, and he said he completely filed away the top teeth. I’ll go slow because I want to leave some top teeth fitting closely to prevent pinching and to guard or keep the adjusting bolt away from the skin.

Right now I have the hardcore stored away, until I can summon the patience to make the groove around the front to catch the goody roll, and to file the top teeth, and to file away the one hard spot that pokes me on one side, front, top of “thumb”. The hardcore is basically an improvement, but hardcore means you have to hack it. Actually, you COULD just use a lot of wrap, and then the hardcore works for lots of people(mostly males) as is.

realmcdeal and I are keeping the bottom bolts loose until after tightening the top nut. You don’t even want to talk to bib about doing that, or about goody or scunci head wrap, or trapping front roll of that between hanger and glans. And unless you want to do a lot of hacking, maybe you just want to (shut up and…) do things bib’s way and use therawrap.

Originally Posted by DarkTrick
>>Is there a big difference? Just looks like the padding has gone.
Bib redesigned it, mostly in response to one guy’s request, he had certain physiological problems which precluded his use of the padded Bibs.

Actually this person had problems with circulation from the Bib starter. Because his penis was getting compressed against the bottom bolts. And that is why you see them bigger teeth at the bottom of the Hardcore hanger.

Also posted as Dlrowdnilb

Bib has a forum on his web site now. I have been getting questions answered there.

I have both the hardcore starter hanger and the original type hanger for about 2 months now. I bought the original first and then bought the hardcore in late January 07. I like the hardcore just because it grabs less area or length of my penis than the original type.

Some of you are lucky enough to be starting with an already big penis, I didn’t, so there is not much penis length to attach the original type to. Therefore, in my case, only the base was being fatigued and not the entire penis length.

I now feel fatigued in most of my penis length when using the hardcore hanger.

I have not made any gains yet using the bib hangers, but I am still in the trial stage. I have figured out the traction because I fell a strong inner core fatigue that I felt using the vac hanger. But I need to figure out the fatigue management part of hanging (weight, time, hanging styles or directions, heat, etc). I hope by April or May I will see some small gains to indicate I figured how to used the hanger correctly.

PS: I had to stop using my vac hangers due to blistering, I could not figure how to stop the blisters and it was making to many scars.


I’ve been using the original Bib (full size) with the padding ripped out for my heavy hanging these days. I like to attach the Vac-Hanger for a few hours afterwards with light weights.


Do you use ANY sort of wrap or padding when you use your modified Bib (with the padding ripped out)? I use my Bib with the original padding along with wrapping with an Ace bandage, otherwise it’s too painful. How much weight are you hanging with your Bib? How much success with length with your routine?

I have just resumed hanging after recovering from an irritated/inflamed inner foreskin, and am only hanging with 7.5 lbs.



Hey Damfino,

I just use a bit of Theraband wrap when hanging with the Bib. My penis doesn’t seem to be as sensitive to injury or bruising as most when it comes to clamp-style hanging. I like having the padding removed because it allows for more girth in the hanger without pinching at the top or the bottom when it’s tightened.

I took some months off from any PE and am starting up again. I actually lost some length for the first time during this break; I’m barely over 8” NBP right now (my silly-ass goal is to hit 9” BP so that I’ll have length to spare as I grow older and lose some dick size naturally… although I’m not really that serious about it anymore). My first inch of length gains seems to be entirely permanent: even with several-month breaks of absolutely no PE, I’ve never dipped back below 8” after hitting that mark.

I am currently hanging just 8 lbs with the Bib and 3 lbs with the VacHanger. I’ll increase those weights over the next few months, probably, and see if I can reach my goal and make it permanent. Hanging is easy for me, as I spend several hours of every workday sitting in privacy, reading or writing. I probably wouldn’t have the dedication to keep up any other form of PE. I’ve experimented with pumping; that’s probably the method I’ll use to maintain my gains after I retire from enlargement (I figure a 10-minute pump — pulling all over the penis — every couple days is enough to keep one’s gains and help keep the blood vessels healthy).

A Clarification on the Gell Lining.

I my first post, I indicated that I removed the gell lining for various reasons. This presupposes that you have substantive experience with the BIB hanger and you have become adapted to the compression stresses; then removing the padding can be considered. It was indicated that many testers requested the padding, therefore it does have merit.


The Alchemy of PE.

Merlin, from your first post it seems that you put a lot of stress on the wrapping. Wrapping is not as important as attaching the hanger.. I now need little to no wrapping, if I’d have the right thickness I wouldn’t wrap at all. Read Bib’s threads on wrapping/attaching the hanger.


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