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Deep Breathing & Hanging?

Deep Breathing & Hanging?

Have any of the vets experienced a correlation between that desired dynamic lig stretch and slow, controlled, deep breathing like the kind you would do in yoga or while meditating?

I found the other day that when I tried that kind of breathing it coincided with the much desired, but less often reached (in my case) tingly kind of stretch in my ligs while stretching BTC. Perhaps it was just a coincidence or maybe the breathing caused me to relax more for a better stretch or the diaphragm was pressing the ligs. I would like to hear others thoughts on this.

Further info, I have been hanging with the Bib starter for two months for 3 sets BTC a day with 10lbs or 12.5 lbs.


Hey TW,

I really practice these breathing tecniques when doing all of my PE exercises. I found that the deep concentration and breathing relaxes me and clears my mind of other insignificant garbage and allow me to get the most out of each execise.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Makes sense, thanks, DLD.


Controlled breathing is good. Also, if you are only able to hang for one hour per day, I would highly recommend that you do DLD Blasters while hanging. I would really emphasize the reverse kegel. Do it for about 15 seconds in sets of 40 - 50. It will give you the best possible lig workout for the time that you have available.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks, Jelktoid. I have been doing the DLD blasters while hanging BTC. They defintely help with the stretch. I’d like more time to hang but it’s just not feasible but I’m still hoping for gains with a 1 hour a day routine

I’m planning on going with BTC for another month before measuring (that would 3 months total hanging BTC and total hanging overall). I’m not sure I have gained or if I have it’s only a minimal amount (I’m definitely a hard gainer in general). I am however getting a good stretch and soreness afterward and my erection angle has lowered which indicated something is happening.

I’ve experimented with DLD blasters a couple of times using the hanger manually in an OTS position. I can feel a good stretch and see some penile extension as I work the blasters and keep the pressure on. I think I will shift to this workout more extensively using weights after my 3 month BTC trial is up, particularly if I have experienced much or no gain.

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