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Dealing with hanging for long periods and fluid buildup

Dealing with hanging for long periods and fluid buildup

What do you vets do for fluid buildup when hanging for several hours? How do you reduce the effects?


check your wrap and hanger tighness…also jelq, hotwrap, the usual……

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When you hang for ‘several hours’, you are going to get some fluid buildup. The things bbs mentioned will help. Over time, the skin around the top of your shaft will become looser and more pliable. At that time, the fluid buildup will no longer become ‘tight’. Much more comfortable.

Getting an erection, light jelqing after hanging always took care of the fluid for me. The next day, it would be totally normal.


Thanks guys, thats about what I thought. I have been doing all the above and yes the next day I am back to normal. Thanks for the heads up.


Also I moved the hanger back a half inch last night during the last few sets, and it felt more comfortable.

What does fluid buildup refer to? A blister?

No not a blister. Lymphatic fluids get forced into the skin and puff up the skin like if you got a bruise but with out the black and blue. This is because long hang sessions the fluids dont have anywhere to go and dont drain off due to the stress of the hanger and weights. The fluid goes down in a few hours.

do u get this too?

I cant seem to avoid either getting a swollen effect on the upper half of my glands when i hang or bruising at the point of my undershaft just below my glands. I have tried squeezing the blood out of my head but alas i am having no luck, all i can seem to do to make this more bareable is jelq and hotwap for at least 10 mins inbetween sets, is anyone else experianceing what i am and if so how are you coping with it. Thanks,



I think it is inevitable. So I have just been pushing through it so to say and its working great. I Just massage a little in between sets. I get swollen but it is not bad anymore. Like bib said it takes some time and then becomes not as bad and drains off quicker.

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