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Cyatic Nerve Pain!

Cyatic Nerve Pain!

I recently developed Cyaric Nerve Pain in my right hip and leg!!! Somewhat aggravated by PE but I don’t think PE was the cause. As I get more into the stretching of my lower back and hip muscels to relieve the pain of this condition I think more that this stretching will benefit PE also.

I laid off PE for 2 weeks after my diagnosis of “Cy-nerve” and did exercises and stretching for lower back. It was great, my back responded immediately and the pain was greatly reduced.

I am now back to hanging with the small BIB hanger and doing just fine as long as I do plenty of stretching before and after the hang. I have to stretch anyway so very little is lost because of this situation.

Any one else have lower back pain that can be linked in part or completely to hanging???


before we nump to any diagnosis, I have a few questions that “MAY” shed some light on the problem.

I had a nerve problem in 1994 from UPS for standing on a metal cat walk for five hours straight each day. Are you doing anything similiar to this?

Do you have a wallet that you keep in your back pocket? This causes a slew of cy-nerve problems. Or sit on this wallet while driving or in an office all day?

I think the hanging at weird angles and sitting in a chair is aggravating some other stressor already on your body, but that is just my “guesstimate”.


I know your pain, guys. I have this irritating shit on my left side…hip, leg, sometimes lower. Did not know what it was by the way you choose to spel it. Some spell it cyatic, some spell it sciatic. Either way, I suspected that is what I have been dealing with. Likely from a factory job that has me standing in one place alot and planting my weight one one side more than the other. Definately not from PE! Should just quit my job and grow my dick, but the money comes in very handy. I’d really like to know more about the stretches/exercises you mentioned. Any descriptions or links would be appreciated. Now that I know what it is and have googled a bit on the sciatic nerve, I’m damn near certain that is what has been giving me the hurt and cramp-like stuff. It’s fucked-up on this stuff…if I get the leg pain and stretch, it doesn’t always help. Do jumping jacks and the pain goes away. Most painful JJ’s I ever do, but I assume this works to take pressure off the nerve. Probably not a good idea, in fact I started doing this because I thought it was just a glute cramp and I needed to warm it up and it would loosen. Thanx guys! groa

Cy nerve


I,ve had a very bad back since some little honey slammed me to the ground 5 yrs ago while riding a bike. It mashed the lower 4 discs. I’ve seen a Chiropractor and 3 orthopedic surgeons and haven,t got much info on exercises to help back. Could you e-mail me at “” with a description of your exercises. So far I haven’t found that PE affects my back one way or the other(except when I hang BTC I typically tilt my pelvis up and that puts a little temporary strain into the back)

Thanks, (if exercises are too complicated to describe, please ignore)


Cy Nerve

Falcon(et al),

I forgot,damned Alzheimers, the most important thing. We have many commercials running on week end TV for a product called “Blue Stuff”. Sounds like a real “snake oil” pitch, however they do have a money back warranty. For me and by terrible back this stuff really works and fast. You can order it at I order super blue stuff which is a somewhat improved product.

I have absolutely no relationship (financial or otherwise) with this company. This product takes out about 90 to 95 % of my pain within 5 minutes after use.


sciatic is the correct spelling. The nerve you speak of comes off the spine at level L-1-2. It is part of the lumbar plexis and if inflammed will cause more than a little bit of discomfort. Only a physican or chriopractor can diagnosis a true case of sciatica.

There are several over the counter items that you can use to help releive the discomfort. Blue Stuff is one of them, Theragelsic is another. Use moist heat and talk to the doc about going in for Physical Therapy to help strenghten the back muscles to take the strain off the nerve.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

That's what I am curious about, Sunny.

Are there any types of exercises that work well for this type of ailment? Can’t seem to find too many things about this aspect of it. I do various stretches, but they don’t seem to make that much difference. I squat…nerve fine. Stand in one place alot and then walk…whole fuckin’ left leg/hip hurts sometimes, sometimes not. Sitting actually helps. If I walk and turn slightly toward the right as ifto look at something, I feel the pain. I don’t think this is the result of a compressed/bulging disk pushing against the nerve, but don’t know. Almost like a muscle imbalance or tightening, possibly why the JJ thing works albeit painfully at first. Would appreciate any good links or info that you know to be accurate as far as the musculature is concerned. I am familiar with the larger muscles and their functions, it’s the smaller ones in that area that are ambiguous to me. Kinda like delts (easy) v/s rotator cuff (a bit confusing) dilemma when trying to undertand function and what I should/shouldn’t do. Fixed my own shoulder/wrist/knee shit. This shouldn’t be that hard, but then the chiro-folks don’t seem as willing to advise and put out for free on matters involving their pay practice especially when it deals with one big-ass nerve. Any insight to what you have found success with in your dealings involving this ailment would be appreciated. Thanx, groa.


Let me do some research on various types of exercises and also let me see if I can find some good pics in my books so I can help you understand the difference in muscle function. The rotator cuff helps turn the arm either to the outside (external rotation) or inside (Internal rotation).

The best way I can describe the muscle structure is to think of a 7 layer salad. Each muscle has a specific function yes, but don’t work independent of the others. They have to work together.

BTW, do you have good posture?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Yeah, I have good posture. Perhaps better than many for my folks and teachers in life were always the kind that said STAND UP STRAIGHT! No slouching aloud…to anyone. Therefore, I’d dare not slouch 30 years later. Like I said, the shoulder and knee stuff is fairly easy to grasp, but the back is tough. I think alot of what I have is do to a production job that had me planting weight on one leg alot while bending down slightly against the flow of production. Not there now, but still get pain. Almost as if the glute/lower back musculature can tighten in the long term and slightly displace itself resulting in a pressure on the nerve. I don’t know if one can develope a pelvic shift due to this effect if it exists. I know the same type of situation can occur with weak abs and the pelvis, but in a different direction. My abs and whole body is generally quite strong as I do work-out on basic compound movements (squats, bench, pullups, HLR, crunches) and none of these seem to irritate the nerve in the least. I think it was a cumulative effect of micro movements described above on the job. A strength/developement imbalance? I don’t know. I have been saving links and have to wade through to see if I can sort this out further, it’s just that so much of this stuff is centered around very definate, physical cause such as injury or disk trouble and doesn’t seem to apply to me. It’s the “soft” imbalances that are understandably hard to sus-out in med lit largely because they seem behavior/ergonomically related and occur gradually over long term. Folks that head to docs on this stuff often get treatment for the end result rather than elimination/reversal of the root cause of problems, hence my reluctance to make any appointments. Several I know are no better off for their sugeries/treatments and have regrets. Unless it’s a traumatc event that causes the injury itself, I see know reason for dramatic treatments like surgical investigation. It’ll take a while, but there has to be a way. groa

Groa and Falcon127,

Here are the diagrams I promised I’d find. They have been compressed down quite a bit for here. But, they do show the deep musculature of the back and buttocks. The siatic nerve runs down thru the tush (deep) and if any of these muscles get weak it can cause a shift of the bony surfaces causing impingement.

As far as giving you specific exercises, by licensure, I can’t. I can advise you to work on strengthening the extensor muscles (which is why I asked about posture) and the muscles of the buttocks. Any specific exercises need to come from a Physical Therapist who is licensed in your state. And you will have to go thru your doctor in most states to get to the PT.

The lowest pic on the right hand picture shows a cut away of the pelvic bone, you will note a hole, this is where the nerve runs thru to go down the leg.

Good luck to both of you.

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sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I don't know whether this will help, but......

At age 14 I twisted a vertebra in my lower back. This consequently put me on the side bench for all sports in my early life. Doctors wanted to fuse 4 vertebrae together - chiropractors were happy to take my money for years but there was little, if any, real improvement. So, I decided to just go on my merry way, but it has progressively degenerated over the years.

With regard to lower back pain, the one thing that I have found works better than anything else for me, is watching my weight and strengthening the abdominal muscles. This, for me, seems to support the injured area and relieves a lot of the stress. These days, if I get lower back pain, I don’t take a pill, I do some sit-ups! Works every time for me! :)

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Twatteaser hit the nail on the head. I used to put a wallet in my back pocket. I ended up with really bad back pain. Then, I bought a credit card wallet with a money clip and put it in my front pocket. Guess what? No more sciatic nerve pain! Also, try standing up straight and sucking in your gut while tightening your buttocks - instant relief.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Lower Back

First thanks very much to all who have replied, I must have hit a “NERVE” please excuse the pun. I have gotten more information on this board than any other board I have posted on about my back.

I will be going in to see a back specialist in a few weeks. My primary care physician is the one who made the preliminary diagnoses and wants a specialist to make the determination.

1. twatteaser, thanks for the reply, and yes I have a new job where I stand on hard concrete floors 4 to 8 hours a day. This is when the back pain started!!! I may go back to my old job, HVAC mechanic.

2. Surfer1. I will get those exercises to you soon. They involve mostly stretching, the best one: lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest slowly, only go as far as you can without extreme pain. Thanks for the info on BLUE STUFF I will try it. PS use a heat pad when you do knee pulls.

3. sunshinekid403 Thanks for all the great info and the diagram.

4. jelktoid, Thanks for the post you may be right the new job standing on concrete floors may be the culprit.

5. Again thanks to all who have replied you have given me a lot of good information and I will be able to attack this new challenge with a little more knowledge.

Finally I am back to hanging with a slightly heavier weight and having the best hanging sessions I have ever had due to the information on this board.
I can feel the hanging on my lower back but I can manage it with very little discomfort due to stretching and positioning my back.

I will post to the board anything I find out about my lower back condition, and also what the specialist says.


Lower Back Pain


Thanks for your info on stretch. I just discovered another one which I’ve only been doing for several days. It’s called the “periformis stretch”. My back pain although I believe to primarily by caused by my four lower discs which I Know to be bulging substantially, my pain is off center , to the right of center line, and feels like a tight muscle.

I have found that performing a periformis stretch loosens not only the periformis muscles but seems to relievemy offset back pain


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