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Crooked Penis

Crooked Penis

Hey all,

I recently starting hanging with the bib hanger about 2 weeks ago. Things are going great except..

I’ve always had a slight curve/crookedness to my penis. Slightly to the left. For some reason now, it seems to be getting worse with the hanging. I’ve noticed it as well as my wife. Pretty soon it’s going to wrap around to my ass :|

Seriously though, is there a way to “straighten it out”? Is there a specific method? I’ve tried searching the forums but there doesn’t seem to be any specific related material.

I look forward to your response.


I know that there are many, many threads on this subject. Your search has to be for “fix curve,” “straighten curve,” or similar terms. Many suggest jelqing in a direction that puts stress on the short side of the curve, but few how found any technique successful.

As for hanging: I’m not a hanger so I’m not fully aware of the reasons it would increase your curve. I do have to ask though, if a newbie (by join date) is conditioned enough for hanging. Perhaps you’ve been doing PE exercises long before you signed up.

Regardless, the topic has been discussed so there is a lot of “specific related material” here about it.


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